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It's Coming! It's Coming! It's Coming!

Updated: Jun 21, 2021

What is? I hear you ask.

A creative work of UNPARALELLED comparison. Something truly AMAZING and UNIQUE, I can 100% guarantee you that. In fact a musical miracle!

Many of you will be familiar with the 'Garden of Life' album, released in the spring of last year. Many have purchased the 'Garden of Life' LIMITED EDITION CD (still available but once they are gone, they are gone. Order YOUR COPY from the product page NOW).

For the next 3 weeks I will be very busy rehearsing for my live performance at the Limelight Theatre, Queens Park Arts Centre in Aylesbury on 9th July 2021. (Ticket link BELOW) This performance will be a truly ELEVATING experience for all!

This is going to be a FIRST and I don’t mean performing live. This will be a premiere LIVE preview of a phenomenal collaboration album. Many of the co-lyricists, collaborators and sources of inspiration, have never been involved in writing a song before. How incredible is that?

Each of these uniquely different songs will be on the new album, due for release on 3rd September 2021. I will be giving snippets of each song away on social media, so keep your eyes and ears FULLY OPEN.

'Our Connection' was released on March 19th 2021

and I am revealing that a new version of it, a ringtone remix (including the voices of the songs co-lyricists Caroline Brown; Michele Noordhof; RaeAnn Gardner; Sanni Tju; Sherry McQueen and Susan Anne Lynn) will kick the album off.

'Our Connection' is available for DOWNLOAD/STREAMING from ALL major digital platforms (Links BELOW):


Amazon Music


As you can imagine, I am so very excited to share MORE with you and I WILL VERY soon. It has been a true honour to have joined creative forces with such incredible human beings. I feel truly blessed to have had this experience and I am so grateful to everyone who has contributed their creative energy and INSPIRATION.

The name of the new album came about from the idea that a garden is filled with all different kinds of flowers and plants. After all variety is the spice of life and this album definitely has some spice and IMMENSE variety...

Budding songwriters have really opened up and produced some astounding lyrics, connecting IN a Creative Garden of Love. An example of this is the current single release 'Hope Dance' (Featuring lyrics from co-lyricist and AMAZING wordsmith Caroline Brown), there will be a 'toe-tapping remix' of this song that will feature as the 4th track on the album.

'Hopes Dance' is available for DOWNLOAD/STREAMING from ALL major digital platforms (Links BELOW):


Amazon Music


Each week, over the past few weeks, it has been AMAZING to connect with SEVERAL of the co-lyricists on the album! Many of them have featured in my weekly Spotify streamed podcast 'Ray Coates Connecting IN One Voice' (click links below to hear audio interviews with several of those involved in this phenomenal project). This is the beginning of an increasing energy toward the release of the album ‘Garden of Love - Connecting IN Creativity’ and a chance to hear from the co-creators.

Podcast Ep. 3. June 2nd 2021 ‘Our Connection’

Podcast Ep. 4. June 9th 2021 ‘Walk in Love’ ...Featuring the inspirational RaeAnn Gardner, discussing the anthemic, stadium filling 2nd track 'Walk in Love' from the album 'Garden of Love (Connecting IN Creativity).

This coming Wednesday June 23rd 2021 in Ep. 6 we hear from incredible lyricist Kulleen Hatcher about the third album track... ‘Smile & Get Your Heart Started’ (the life story behind this song is AMAZING).

It's coming - 'Garden of Love (Connecting IN Creativity) IS COMING!

It's coming - 'Garden of Love (Connecting IN Creativity) IS COMING!

It's coming - 'Garden of Love (Connecting IN Creativity) IS COMING!

In the next few weeks, I will be sharing the album artwork and ALL of the track titles from the album! Prepare yourself for a musical garden of love, inspiration, creativity and connection...

SEPTEMBER 3rd 2021 'Garden of Love (Connecting IN Creativity) IS COMING!


Ray xxx

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