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Keep Walking Through The Garden of Life

Hey, how are you? These are times of unrest. Society is manifesting its fruitage ALL of the time! What do we need during these days? Simple answer - what we ALWAYS need! Love, care, compassion and understanding. We have to find it for ourselves and then SHARE it! Our future generations deserve it as much as we and older generations do. The key is respect and again, LOVE.

We all need positive energy thoughts and to find ways of surrounding ourselves in LOVE and not in fear! Think of a tree... In certain seasons it is dressed with leaves and or flowers or fruit. Winter is a season that is perceived to be barren. Yet, we NEED winter. All seasons come and go. The earth and humanity WILL heal!

I discussed the middle 3 tracks on the album 'Garden of Life':

4. Your Journey.

5. Lifting High.

6. Don't Forget The Magic.

Every one of these songs promotes a positive outlook on life. Life is transitory. Life ebbs and flows. The key is to keep moving, plant, nurture and cultivate.

In this weeks YouTube vlog, I discuss the last 3 songs on the i-tunes pre-order downloadable version of my album 'Garden of Life'.

You can preview the tracks here >> (available for download from all digital stores 1.5.2020). You can also order the album on CD with 3 bonus tracks (use my CONTACT page to order, or visit my PRODUCT page to use PayPal link).

7. Keep Walking Straight Ahead >>

(this song was written about the pride I feel for my sons and their growth as amazing individuals! I will explain particularly the songs bridge lyrics).

8. Happy Ever After (a song in homage to the fairytale story genre).

9. Stop The Earth From Weeping (very timely as we and the earth need to heal)... 'Its time for change' >>

Enjoy this Fridays vlog and MORE on my YouTube channel...

View, subscribe and share. This is OUR Journey.

Loves Energy,

Ray xx

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