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Liberate YOUR Creativity - It's Time to be FREE!

Why have many at times been held back from their full creative potential? What is the solution? Where does the desire to be free come from? What does it mean to be liberated? Let us start with this last question first. What does it mean to be liberated? Here is one online dictionary definition of 'Liberation':

"Freedom from limits on thought or behaviour".

Is the above possible? How can we achieve this freedom, in the face of very loud surrounding opinion? We will continue with the important thought of why there are many who try to curtail freedom and liberation.

Ultimately, society, media, politics, religion, upbringing and culture (in no particular order and to name but a few), are some of the sources of debilitating and disabling restrictions. The majority of these conceptual instituitions look to gain control over the masses. However, here is the irony. Many of the instituitions mentioned have also played a part IN freedom. Therefore, the balance in all things, is to not place emphasis on one thing as being a utopic solution. Lets expand on where a lack of perceived freedom and liberation comes from.

Simply put a lack of liberation comes from either self-judgement and or external judgement. Society, politics, media and religion, bombard us daily with opinion. Of course, not ALL of that opinion is bad or wrong. However, it is nonetheless opinion. Judgement is one of the biggest barriers and obstacles to creativity. Let me explain further.

“Until you realize how easy it is for your mind to be manipulated, you remain the puppet of someone else's game.” Evita Ochel

We will now look at a creative solution to the entrapment of mind control. Join with me in this thought journey. Have you ever written poetry? Have you ever created art? Have you ever been so inspired by something that you had to act and share that creative spark?

Because inspiration and creativity are two of our fundamental birthrights as a human being. Why sometimes do we stop writing, stop painting or creating in whatever way we feel free to create? Here it comes again...


Oppression of creativity can often work for others who want to limit our expression

“The oppressors do not favor promoting the community as a whole, but rather selected leaders.”

How can we liberate ourselves from the mindset of self or external restriction? How can we fly above the amble of everyday mind limiting opinion? How?

By either beginning to create, or creating MORE. Can you feel the infinite energy possibilities as you step into MORE. Step into creative abundance!

“I'd rather be interesting, original, & unique than follow the pack. Revel in who you truly are & be liberated!” Amy Leigh Mercree

Over the next few weeks, I will be sharing gifts and unique creative opportunities, to help YOU to release and liberate your creative spirit even more!

YOU deserve creative liberation and I serve you to inspire you to find your own unique voice through our creative connection.

We WILL create; we WILL reside in imagination; we WILL inspire to liberate and we WILL reach our creative potential and destination.

Loves energy,

Ray xxx

© ℗ Allrights reserved

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