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Liberation - Cultivating Cult Free Thinking

Having spent decades within the religious cult Jehovah’s Witnesses (JWs), I know what it’s like to have experienced indoctrination/brainwashing…

Now I’m no longer a JW, I can clearly see how the mind manipulation took place and how the same tactics appear in other institutes/organisations and individuals.

Lets talk about cultivating a cult free way of thinking or cultivating a cult free mind. Now that thought could be loaded with so many different ways of thinking, you may have particular images in your mind of what a cult is. Here I’d like to give an example of a conversation I had with someone at an awakened meeting last year, during the midst of the CONvid PLANdemic. This conversation was with a very down-to-earth, hard-working individual and he said of CONvid: ‘of course this is a cult’! Ironically the moment this man said ‘Covid is a cult’, it was a revelation; a flare went off in my head!

The Covid thinking, that the majority of people have been led by, is a cult. Because I spent close to 30 years inside an indoctrinated cult, believe me when I say I’m qualified to know!

This is why I’m sharing liberation from cult thinking. Liberation from the tactics of labelling by external, bringing an end to ‘institutionalised externalism’.

What are some of the things that you’ve experienced in what you would consider to be indoctrination?

Continue to cultivate a cult free way of thinking. Recognise that oftentimes when people are promoting fear; when they are promoting guilt; when they are promoting loss; these are 3 things that I know are a way of manipulating thinking.

When you think of the spirit of competition, this is very much within religious organisations; a spirit of ‘our belief is better than your belief’. Competition versus creation will NEVER work, the natural order of life is about creation. Ironically, WE we are creators of our own life; we are creators of our own society.

You could say: ‘no that’s not possible’! You could say: ‘that’s a bit of an unusual thought’. Whilst it’s true we have a system that surrounds us and yes we have certain impositions, yet we have OUR responsibility.

I can see the tactics now:

FEAR, built within a cult - Armageddon; the end of a system; this system being governed by an evil force.

GUILT, what about your life; what about the life of your loved ones?

LOSS, if you don’t comply and conform to this way of being, you won’t be able to see your friends and family (this through the action of disfellowshipping, alienation, disconnection and isolation amongst Jehovah’s Witnesses)

Covid, religion, or even in a bad relationship, manipulative mind controlling fear, guilt and loss are used.

Competition is another indoctrination/marketing ploy. Competition is in built into religions eg ‘our religion is better than yours’. I can definitely say 100% from experience Jehovah’s Witnesses refer to themselves as THE truth. When individuals look at others in life and think their life cannot be complete without having the prescription they are prescribing, that YOU are losing out on something if you don’t have what they’ve got, this is another INDOCTRINATION tactic. The Latin word insidious, is used in the scripture in Ephesians 6:18, it talks about machinations or crafty acts. This ploy of tactics; machinations; crafty acts is used in mass media; use in religious Institutes; it’s used basically in all the ‘establishment’.

We’re not with this system; this system is corrupt; knowing there’s an elite, a cabal, is NOT enough. Knowing that there are people behind the puppet politicians isn’t enough! We are not here to live in the dark; we’re not here to live in the woods; we’re not here to run! If we are endeavouring to convince people against their will, we are losing precious life.

Yes we have the gift to share awareness and knowing but we should be recycling life more. Run for enjoyment, not for fear. If you want to run through the fields for pleasure, then do. In the words of John Lennon: ‘you may say I’m a dreamer but I’m not the only one’.

The greatest fear of all; the greatest fear that holds the majority captive, is the fear of so called ‘death’. Again fear of death is a major indoctrination tactic.

We are here in this current form to live, so even within Awakened communities we share this message:

We’re not here to hide in the shadows; we’re not here to live in the darkness; we’re not here to run to the woods!

No we’re not gonna plug into this matrix like system, however, there are options; there are ways to BE; ways to LIVE! We don’t have to keep knowing and living in the dark!

Duality is another tactic used within cults eg sheep or goats; heaven or hell; God or The Devil, either or. This duality cult way also comes into political parties eg Labour or Conservative, of course there are so many other options! Multiple options!

The simple truth is we’re not here to avoid, we are here to live a vibrant, energetic, connective life and if we cannot live that to the fullest, extent possible then we must question why! Let’s be a combined force; let’s be the transformational change necessary.

We can change ourselves. We can change the world not by an exoteric approach (from the outside) but by an esoteric approach (from within).

The ideal is a unified, combined and harmonious awakened esoteric experience.

We can come together, in fact we already are. One consciousness exists, this is not a concept. Why is it not a concept? Because it is an experience, what some may call ‘meaningful coincidence’.

No doubt you’ve had the experience of the thought of someone popping into your head and this thought results in the serendipity or synchronicity of that person contacting you. When you are faced by many ‘meaningful coincidences’ over a relatively short period of time, the evidence of connection becomes deeply profound.

Here, I return you to my experience of having been a member or the religious cult Jehovah’s Witnesses. As I reflect on this experience, it is clear, it was an exoteric (outside influence) and very isolationist and remote experience. JWs as an organisation belief they are the only ones who will be ‘saved’ and that only they will make up a new world. This is based on compliance and conformity to set of institutionally externalised beliefs. Is that really a way to change society by marginalising anyone with a view contrary to your list of formalistic beliefs?

This approach is common amongst the majority of man made religious systems and in fact ALL establishment systems.

Here are some interesting questions that answer SO MUCH -

Why doesn’t the common issue of individuals without a permanent home get talked about more?

Why doesn’t human trafficking; child trafficking and child sexual exploitation (CSE) get talked about?

The reason - these tragic occurrences, that happen daily, aren’t talked about is because they are a constant reminder to us of the corrupt power that lies behind this impotent and wicked system! We need to know these things but we also need to LIVE!

The above and MORE is why ‘OverSoul & The Architects of Passion’ and many others are creating for change. Music matters and will make a difference; the corrupt system we live within, has used anthems, sonic vibrational manipulation, to bring individuals together in perceived unity eg ‘God Save The Queen’.

If you truly desire to change your vibrational energy; if you truly want to support reFORM and make your own society, then COME TOGETHER and support Truth Music and Awakened Music for change.

Yes, it’s time for change and together with one unified heartbeat we can and will be victorious against the pandemic of exoteric (external) corruption by joining in esoteric (internal), one consciousness BEING. We can experience liberation and cultivate cult free thinking.


Over Soul Truth Music – Just another WordPress site - Far More Than Just Another Website (Songs for Self/Social reFORM)!

How to Eliminate Indoctrination

Fact 1

Lose The Fear of Death

Fact 2

Decisions are NOT based on emotional coercion/manipulation

Fact 3

The things that you desire shouldn’t be dependent on compliance.

Indoctrination isn't ONLY experienced purely through religion... (BELOW is a snippet of recent interview with ex NHS fund manager Graham Atkinson - FULL VIDEO COMING SOON.

To be notified - SUBSCRIBE to YouTube Channel)


Shared with gratitude, love and in a spirit of peace.

Ray xxx

‘OverSoul & The Architects of Passion’


Over Soul Truth Music – Just another WordPress site - Far More Than Just Another Website (Songs for Self/Social reFORM)!

PS The majority of information in this blog post, will form the basis for a series of elevating public talks, beginning tomorrow Monday May 16 2022 at New Horizons, St. Anne's, Lancashire (INFORMATION LINK BELOW)

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