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Limitless Creativity Exists

Have you ever felt limited? Have you ever felt constrained?

Hopefully not in a literal physical sense but maybe in a physcological, emotional or spiritual sense. Sometimes, a variety of circumstances and thoughts could make YOU feel limited and or constrained. How can this weeks blog message be of encouragement to YOU?

First and foremost because I understand and in fact spent many years allowing myself, to be limited and constrained. What changed? Above ALL else choice of environment, who I spent time with! Being with those who ENCOURAGED me to paint my life; sing my life and write my life.

This is EXACTLY how it should be for YOU! Contact me and I will happily connect YOU with the RIGHT people.

When we reside in a position of creative limit and constraint, think of the negative impact that can have on others! If YOU limit YOU, then ultimately YOU also limit OPPORTUNITY. We can BE the difference for others! OUR true authentic and divine energy purpose creates MORE for others and at least is a LIVING source of encouragement.

The opening and UNLEASHING, to be direct, of my creative purpose, has led to SO much for others. From personally written DNA songs, through to a worldwide release of the global collaborative anthem 'Our Connection' (take a look at video links below. Including DNA Song 'Heaven in a Breath' inspired by Emily J. Brice and the current single 'Our Connection', written with Caroline Brown; RaeAnn Gardner; Susan Ann Lynn; Sherry McQueen; Michele Noordhof and Sanni Tju).

Creativity is in ALL of us. It may manifest in different ways but we must NEVER limit it or allow it to be constrained! Divine energy works IN flow, NOT in constraint. This approach, is leading me to much and for this I am eternally grateful to those who support and encourage me and my purpose.

Surround yourself with those of a positive energy mindset. Get with people who encourage you to paint, sing, write and SO much more! Every week I share creative energy through a variety of social media and I always share for the purpose of CREATIVE CONNECTION. Take a look at 2 examples to conclude with and join me in OUR creative movement connection... ENJOY...

Loving Energy ALWAYS,

Ray xxx

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