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How are YOU Living, Loving and Celebrating YOUR LIFE? It's SO easy to miss moments. In fact from my past experience of life, it's not just easy to miss single words in life, it's easy to miss whole chapters! Today's blog is intended to provide creative encouragement for you and YOUR LIFE!

I am sharing in a VERY LIFE and LOVE affirming message. I share chapters of my life and the words between... WHY?

Because the more we share our journey (even the dark times), the greater service we can be to others.

Take a look at this photograph BELOW… Take a VERY close look…What do you see?

There may be certain feelings that you perceive; thoughts; characteristics.

Perhaps you see: reflection; seriousness; sadness; regret or shame. Maybe you see all and more. Possibly you don’t see any of these…

The place I visited in the photograph, was a place I often visited. It was a place of deep pondering for me. As I sat on a stone bench in this splace, I reflected on some extremely isolated and disconnected times.

I want to share one particularly deeply personal experience, that I went through after major surgery and how it has shaped me to LIVE; LOVE and CELEBRATE!

After throat cancer surgery in 2008, I spent 2 weeks being monitored and at the beginning of what was years of recovery Years of recovery from unbelievably invasive surgery and radiation.

Having awoken from surgery, the best way I can describe the view, as I stared in the rooms bathroom mirror, was as follows…

It looked like half of my neck was missing and Frankenstein type staples were holding my neck together. Agony! Brutal agony. These are the moments I want to share - for 2 weeks I mouthed a prayer into the mirror; I say mouthed, it was like my mouth was stapled too; I could hardly move my mouth and for the next several months and more I couldn’t speak at all! Lost in my pain; LOST and the next few years I became even more lost; broken and LOST!

Do I share this life moment to revel in the past? No!

Do I share them for sympathy or empathy! No!

Do I share this moment because I haven’t healed? No!

I share it to revel in the present and to celebrate the fact I am alive!

With DEEP gratitude I share this moment, to celebrate MY VOICE and more importantly WHY and HOW I use it.

Here is the message I share:




I celebrate my LIFE; I celebrate my LOVE with and for you. I celebrate YOUR LIFE; I celebrate YOUR LOVE for YOU and those you LOVE.

Remind yourself constantly of your place in LIFE and in LOVE. CELEBRATE!

Below is mine and the AMAZING co-lyricist RaeAnn Gardner's anthem 'Walk in Love' to help you. The 2nd track from the phenomenall LIFE and LOVE affirming album 'Garden of Love (Connecting IN Creativity)'.

Click Video LINK BELOW and immerse yourself in OUR TOGETHER anthem:

It's not easy at times but it is worth investing in ourselves and LOVING and LIVING our life to the fullest possible!

That way we can raise not only our own energy but also the energy of all around us and beyond.

I'd LOVE to know how are YOU celebrating LIFE and LOVE, particularly creatively.

Let me know how do you feel after reading this blog? I'd LOVE to know YOUR thoughts...

Loving Energy ALWAYS,

Ray xxx

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