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Look Beyond Face Value

Updated: Sep 20, 2021

Sometimes it’s easy in life, to look at others and think we know them.

It’s easy to look at others and think we know their circumstances, the situation in life.

The simple truth is none of us really know the full experience of the life of others.

When we begin to look deeper beneath the surface of what we perceive, it can truly help us to increase our gratitude and understanding of and for others. I have been truly grateful to have the privilege of sharing chapters of my life, to provide insight and inspiration to the benefit of others.

When we look at others, it’s not to say that people are living a lie. We all do and should have a private life, things that we only share with our immediate circle.

Often times, it is also better to go through certain circumstances and reach the other side, before we begin to share details, if we share details at all.

One of the main points to consider is - we should never assume we know the full details of someone’s life.

Myself and Michelle Roche, will very soon be sharing a chapter of our life from 2020, that will be a real surprise to Many!

Read Michelle’s own words:

"What do you see when you look at me?

What do you know about my life?

Sometimes what you see is not the reality of what’s going on. There is a chapter of my life that I’m about to reveal to the world. A chapter that reveals the trials that had to be overcome. A description of my life behind the smile and the creative challenges faced, will surprise you”.

Michelle shared an INCREDIBLE chapter of her life in the 2nd book in the 'Smashing Through' trilogy series.

We could feel the circumstances and situations in life stop us and bring us to a grinding halt. However, when we share details of an extreme situation that we faced in 2020, this will provide immense encouragement. Even through the midst of trials, we can still arrive in our purpose.

When you read our chapter, you will discover that we had tremendous upheaval and turmoil in our personal life and in spite of this NOTHING stopped us in sharing creative messages to encourage others. Right in the middle of releasing a poetry ebook and other creative endeavours, we dealt with deeply trying circumstances.

During the release of the GLAD journey e-book, which was filled with poetry of gratitude; love; awakening and destiny, our world was turned upside down!

Join us and other co-authors for the Kindle worldwide launch of 'Smashing Through the Stop Sign of Life'!

When you read what myself and Michelle experienced, it will elevate your gratitude, love, awakening and sense of destiny even more.

Yes we smashed through OUR stop sign of life and continued with momentum and tremendous progress in our creative purpose.

Join us on October 3rd 2021 for the worldwide release of this incredible book, compiled by the amazing Rebecca Adams.

Take a look at the wonderful video below and we will see you on October 3rd 2021 (KEEP an EYE OPEN in SOCIAL MEDIA for details).

Loving Energy ALWAYS,

Ray xxx

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