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Looking Back to Keep Moving Forwards

As a wise person once said: "You don’t want what’s behind you to stop you in your tracks".

Having worked in driver training for close to 30 years, I can REALLY see a comparison between driving and LIFE.

Let me explain, using a well established driving routine formula.




Shall we apply this systematic routine now to LIFE?

Mirrors = experience and past lessons learnt.

Signal = intention of purpose.

Manoeuvre = direction and fulfilment of intention.

The balance of life is to look back enough, without dwelling and hankering on the past. Like a mirror, we can reflect on what is behind us and utilise this experience to move with a destiny focus.

I look back over years of transformation in my life and the lives of others. These beautiful changes have meant progress in creative purpose. Take a look back with me over the last couple of weeks and join with me in sharing a journey together IN the momentum of creativity.

On Monday July 5th 2021, I was privileged to share in a Radio interview with phenomenal compiler of the 'Smashing Through' series Rebecca Adams and several of the co-authors. (Interview link BELOW image). Looking back on a chapter of my life that has DEEPLY driven my forwards purpose movement, to inspire and connect with others through and IN creativity.

On Tuesday 6th July, I shared IN a VERY inspirational and emotionally moving radio interview. Changing lanes between my throat cancer journey experience and on-going connection IN creativity with fellow creative movers, from all over the world. Listen to the interview carried out by the AMAZING Pippa Sawyer (Bucks Breakfast). Link BELOW...

Join me in a VERY reflective Spotify streamed podcast (STREAMED ONJuly 7th 2021) with co-lyricist Sherry McQueen, as we discuss the 5th track 'A Love Like No Other Love' from the upcoming album 'Garden of Love (Connecting IN Creativity)'. Link BELOW...

'Diary of a Songwriter - Let's Connect' shared on July 9th 2021 was a build us to an extremely special full album preview on July 9th 2021.

Be aware of what is there behind you. Don't let your past define your future, keep it at an appropriate distance and drive forwards in YOUR purpose.

Look out for this week as I will be sharing much creative content and connection...

Join me IN WOW Wednesday this Wednesday 14th July, including an INSPIRATIONAL podcast interview with award winning author Jenny Ford.

Subscribe to YouTube Channel and on Friday July 16th, I will be sharing EXCLUSIVE snippets of last weeks LIVE FULL ALBUM PREVIEW...

Utilise the mirror of your LIFE to keep driving you forwards.


Mirrors = experience and past lessons learnt.

Signal = intention of purpose.

Manoeuvre = direction and fulfilment of intention.

Moving IN Love with you ALWAYS,

Ray xxx

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