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Love In The First Person - YOU

Love is a subject that is often talked about in trying to understand what it is. There are so many songs written about love, love that’s come, love that’s gone, unrequited love and so on, I’m sure you get my drift. I can only speak for myself when I say love is just being, you are love, there’s a certain peace and tranquillity about love. The opposite feelings such as despair, grief and pain are often the emotion of love that has no where to go. As in the loss of a loved one, the love for someone that is no longer in your life doesn’t die but it has no where to go so we feel it as the emotion known as grief. I’m no ‘expert’ but I have a lot of experience in this thing called life and I’m just expressing my own personal opinions here.

To be loved by someone else you need to have love for yourself, you can’t expect someone else to love something you don’t, can you ? Self love is also important in the sense of looking after you, you are responsible for your own well being. When you are full you can afford to share yourself with others but obviously this requires a refill on a daily basis. I’m sure this isn’t the first time you’ve heard this analogy, you can’t pour from an empty cup but it’s the truth. As our lives are so busy it’s easy to forget to look after you. I often see things posted on social media like self care Sunday etc. Self care in my opinion needs to be a daily ritual, to give yourself some you time where you can switch off and recharge. For some that could be a walk in nature, meditation, sitting down to watch a film, read a book, have a soak in the bath or stand in the shower. We are all different and we all have our own unique way of relaxing and there isn’t any right or wrong.

So going back to self love here’s a question for you, how much value would you put on your own self care? If you’re anything like me when looking for a gift for someone else I have a budget in mind. The budget is simply down to what I can afford and has nothing to do with how much I value the person. I then look for a gift that I know would be something the person likes or needs. There’s thought that goes into it, I don't just randomly see something in my price and buy it.

So here’s another question, how much thought do you put into a gift for yourself ? I don't mean choosing clothes or other items that are a necessity, I mean a gift that helps you to switch off and recharge. These very questions were what led me to create a unique self love range ‘In Your Love’ a monthly gift for you.

If you’ve had a look at the website you’ll know there’s a range of bespoke gift packages for you to gift to a loved one. It feels good to gift someone because we understand how it feels to receive a gift. So why not give yourself that feeling as often as you can?

Take care of you because you are love, you are loved and you are definitely worth it.

Gratitude and Love to Michelle for such a beautifully loving message.

Join myself and Michelle LIVE across multiple social media platforms (including U-Gift Facebook page - Link BELOW), on Sunday February 13th 2022... We SHARE LOVE for YOU.

'In YOUR Love' (Watch loving video message BELOW)...

Loving Energy ALWAYS,

Ray & Michelle xxx

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