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Love Should Make You Feel MORE - Because YOU Are MORE

Love shouldn’t make you feel less… love should make you feel - because YOU are MORE!

In a world that frequently promotes a limited way of being and a minimalist, inadequate view of self, we can NEVER have too much love.

This desire and our own individual and DEEP soul connection expressions of love, have always led myself and my beautiful partner Michelle Roche, to create in love for others.

The song ‘Feel Loves Energy’ (featured on the debut and now LIMITED EDITION album ‘Garden of Life’) was written as an expression of my personal and universal love for Michelle. Throughout all of my song writing in the last few years, I have been drawn continuously to the beautiful quality of love and creating love songs for and with others. The art form of song writing, has helped many others to expand their hearts and expressions of love.

On April 6th 2021, myself and Michelle opened our hearts (and opened the doors on our new business venture) by bringing our loving gifts together for YOU. At this time u-gift was born. When hearts combine, in love, to create with the desire to share, spread and infuse love, incredible things happen.

Read Michelle’s wonderful and moving expression, explaining the heart of u-gift:

"U-gift & what it means to me -

How does it feel to give a gift? How does it feel to receive a gift?

I guess that depends on what the gift is, doesn’t it?

U-gift is all about giving gifts from the heart, a gift with immense meaning. A gift that captures magical moments for you to treasure forever. You are the heart and the purpose behind what we create because we know the value of gift giving. We have the ability to dig deep into the core of you and extract the essence of what it is you want to say. Love is the driving force behind u-gift, it is more than a business, it is a both a passion and a purpose. We want to help you to light up the faces of your loved ones and make their hearts sing with joy. It doesn’t stop there though, 'In Your Love' is a gift package for you, a gift to self to remind you of your value. A subscription box to light up your face and feed your soul, because YOU matter".

We NEVER want you to feel less love, we want you to feel MORE love. Therefore, join us this coming Wednesday April 13th 2022 for a magical, love centred YouTube LIVE with an INCREDIBLE attached announcement.

Immense love and gratitude to Michelle Roche for your vision and sensory expressions of the gift of love. I’m also eternally grateful for the privilege to create the sound of love, for our creative baby u-gift.

Visit our amazing home of giving and we look forward to creating and sharing unique, personalised, gifts of love for YOU.

Join us this Wednesday April 13th 2022 on the OverSoul Truth Music YouTube Channel and let’s celebrate and promote LOVE.

In a world that frequently promotes a limited way of being and a minimalist, inadequate view of self…we can NEVER have too much love.


Ray xxx

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