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Making Progress in OUR Garden of Life

In this weeks blog, I discuss progress, ambition, desire and communication. This will be the theme I will share with you throughout social media. Feel the energy rise, as you consider YOUR progress in life. Now is the time to move, shift and change your energy (if you need to) to a new horizon energy.

Ambition could be perceived as a somewhat tricky subject. How do you feel about ambition? Have you been fed a negative thought process with regard to ambition and success? Like any characteristic, the key to success can be measured by intent and motivation. What is our ultimate goal? What is our desired outcome? Take a look at the most recent episode of my IGTV series. This most recent episode of ‘Be YOU With Me - Connecting in ONE Voice’, was filmed in Media City, Manchester. Take a look >>

To communicate on a larger platform, creates the opportunity to influence a larger audience. am I ambitious? You bet your life I am! For the reason just outlined. I want to reach out and help more individuals, through inspirational and creative communication.

Having researched different perspectives on ambition, it is clear that it can produce negative behaviour. However, that does not make ambition bad! Ambition is very closely linked to motivation, aspiration and hope. I have no doubt that when our desire, motivation and aspiration are based on greater good, then our ambition is well grounded. How do you feel when others have tried to minimise or even worse eliminate your aims, goals and yes, your ambition? In society, for too long now, many have poured cold water on the fire desire of others. Light up the spark and become more of who you are.

As a result of much personal development and self investment, I am making good progress towards many of my goals. One in particular stands out to me. The most recent accomplishment of writing, designing, launching and sharing my online songwriting program - ‘Songwriting - Writing YOUR Unique DNA Songs’. When we reach the point of self discovery and align with our higher self and purpose, then we are in a far greater position to share. That is what I have done for you. In availing this online coaching program to you, I open up your opportunity of even greater creativity. It is such a privilege and honour to share with you my over 40 years of songwriting experience in this incredible online program. Take a look at the video below.

Gain lifetime access for yourself and those you love. Create gifts that will last FOREVER. Gratefully this program can be yours (visit to gain your LIFETIME ACCESS). Inspiration and creativity shared for only $51 (66% of RRP until this Friday July 24th 2020). Because of progress made in my journey, I can now understand abundance and share greater value with you.

In conclusion, continue to aspire dear friends. We get one life! The more you live it and step into your purpose, with healthy ambition, the more you will be able to help others. Our world needs believers, receivers, achievers and not deceivers. Open your heart to infinite possibility and abundance. You are enough and there is enough. Looking forward to sharing even more with you in the future.

Loves Energy,

Ray xx

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