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Memories From The Garden of Life

Happy Wednesday! This BLOG introduces my YouTube Friday VLOG of each week.

This week I am VERY pleased to share a taster, as to the subject of my Friday VLOG (YouTube channel link >> ).

Its all about gratitude for the memories...

The content will be EXTREMELY uplifting! Why? Because, I am going to go DEEPER into the emotion of OUR creative journey. As I recall memories, I am going to share with you a miraculous experience that I had the other week! Rather than talking purely about events of the past year and the chronology, that has led me here. I am going to reveal, in great detail, the emotional travel and thereby how this can help YOU.

The reason for sharing this is to connect with YOUR feelings. I want my life and experience to serve YOUR life!

Memories are SO important! For many years, I’ve tended to NOT reflect, to NOT reminisce, to even AVOID remembering!

Does that somehow reflect you? It is understandable. Sometimes periods of life feel too uncomfortable, even too deeply painful to revisit. I'm with YOU in that emotion. Amongst my current album project, single releases and creative, social connection song writing, I want to write YOUR song! YOUR memory song! To capture and reflect the power of YOU! I can help you to leave a digital imprint of yourself, your values, your vision and your experience, that will last FOREVER!

WATCH THIS Fridays VLOG, as we enter into a deeper soul alignment.

In this Fridays Vlog I will also be talking about ‘Garden of Life’ being ONLY – ONE WEEK AWAY from being available for download on ALL digital download platforms!!!!! WOW!…

JOIN ME, in our very own Garden of Life. Where my journey, meets YOUR Journey and becomes OUR Journey... see you inside.

Loves Energy

Ray xx

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