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Music to YOUR Ears

We hear SO many sounds EVERY day! What do you like to hear? What sounds feed your soul? What is music to your ears?

“That never words were music to thine ear”.


Act 2 Scene 2

The Comedy of Errors

William Shakespeare

The above quote is likely the first ever origin of the similar phrase ‘music to my ears’.

What is music to our ears? Why do we need to listen to good and positive vibrations?

One of the main reasons we do well to tune our ears into positive energy sound, is that our brains are often set towards a negative default. Scientists refer to this as ‘negative bias’. The below quote gives a statistical and very powerful insight, into how ‘negative bias’ thinking has increased in recent decades.

“The trend toward sensational bad news on television began in the 1990s. At the same time as the U.S. homicide rate was dropping in that decade by 42%, television news coverage of murders skyrocketed—rising more than 700%, according to the Center for Media and Public Affairs.”

The good news is we can flick the switch in our mind and what we listen to has a powerful influence on how we feel.

... “when a subject listens to music that gives them the chills, it triggers a release of dopamine to the brain. And if you don’t know, dopamine is a kind of naturally occurring happy chemical we receive as part of a reward system. Now here’s the really interesting part: Dopamine is not only released during peak musical moments but also when we anticipate those moments. It’s like our brain is rewarding us for knowing a really great chorus is just about to hit”!

To improve how we feel then, we must listen to things that feed our mind positively. Yes, we need to feed, nourish and rejuvenate our ears.

"If music be the food of love, play on."

Twelfth Night

William Shakespeare

Remember, what we hear effects how we feel and here I offer music to your ears.

The ‘Garden of Life’ is an album written and recorded to highlight - purpose; oneness; loving energy, strength; elevation; gratitude; family pride; happiness and responsibility.

Now available as a LIMITED EDITION CD, good news that can be music to YOUR ears.

(There are NOW ONLY 109 CDs available).

The positive and vibrant SOUND of the 'Garden of Life, WILL help you to rise above!

Loving Energy,

Ray xxx

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