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New Beginnings

I’d like to begin this blog by wishing you a happy New Year. If you celebrate Christmas, I hope you had a most wonderful time too.

One of the best ways to improve our endeavour and resolution, is to follow the example of others, as they improve their endeavour and resolution. In this regard, through my creative work in 2021, amongst many things I aim to share more encouragement, through my creative determination. Our lives and our purpose can be used to change, improve lives and serve others for greater good.

Often when we stand at the crossroads and leave behind an old year and welcome in the New Year, we can stand in that place with a renewed sense of hope and optimism. Whilst this may not always be the case, due to personal circumstances, there is an element of truth in the New Year being a time for renewed optimism.

As we look back at the unprecedented global changes that have taken place, this has likely impacted you many in different ways. For me personally, I have completely changed my career path. Whilst this was a path that had begun for me anyway, there has been tremendous change.

Due to circumstances beyond my control, at the end of last year there was also a major house move into a geographical area very far from where I spent most of my life! This was after a period of enforced homelessness and living in temporary crisis accommodation check out 2020 YouTube Vlog review below).

With change and the measuring of time by dates and years there is a sense of giving ourselves marker posts; flags; signposts; ways of measuring development, progress, goals and aims. In this year of 2021, my intention, is to share even more creative energy for you and with you. There are a variety of ways that I aim to do this.

Our lives and our purpose can be used to change, improve lives and serve others for greater good.

Every Monday throughout 2021, I aim to serve you with creative energy at 3 pm GMT in my Facebook LIVE ‘Be Creatively FREE With Me @ THREE’ >>

Join me today 4/1/2020 @ 3pm GMT

Within this platform and other social media, I will begin introducing collaborative creative projects, including songwriting together and additions to my songwriting program ‘Songwriting - Writing YOUR Unique DNA Songs’. All of this is with the aim of helping others to experience their creative potential through songwriting.

Check out collaborative song 'Our Connection' as an example >>

Additionally, beginning this Friday, for those on my VIP email list, there will be a first viewing of my weekly YouTube vlog ‘Diary of a Songwriter - OUR Journey’. On Friday I will release this to those on my VIP email list first (visit Home page scroll down and click on Sign Up button to receive FIRST), then the Vlog will become public on the Saturday. Join me as I open up my diary to give an insight, behind-the-scenes view of my daily inspiration and creativity (there will also be some breaking news laughs as well). Check out pilot example below >>

As well as collaboration I also intend to serve as many as possible with a loving gift, an opportunity to capture your personalised voice messages for those you love. Not just for one day in the year but for all occasions. Again in my Facebook LIVE >> this afternoon 4.1.2021 @ 3pm GMT, I will begin to share the purpose of ‘In OUR Love’.

I have no doubt you have plans, aims, goals and New Year’s resolutions. With all of your endeavours I wish you the best, you are more than capable of achieving what you set your mind to. I have been blessed and privileged throughout 2020 to achieve many of the goals and aims I have set. 2021 is no less the same, I aim to increase my creative productivity and to provide you with inspiration and creativity always.

Loves energy,

Ray xxx

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