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Open The Doors To The Cathedral of YOU

Updated: Feb 13, 2022

We stare in great wonderment, filled with awe, at the glory of manifestations of phenomenal architecture. Churches; temples and cathedrals, are often incredible creations.

However, there is an even greater phenomena; an even finer cathedral; in fact a temple miracle of the divine.

What is this temple miracle of the divine?



‘I Am Cathedral’.

WE are Cathedral.

How is this the case, that WE are a Cathedral of divinity?

Before confirming and empowering your true nature even more, let us look at reasons as to why it may be a challenge for us to see our truly divine nature.

We live in a society of indoctrinated and institutionalised externalism. Everyday, via various medium, institute’s of limited view, indoctrinate self limitation. Through educational, religious, political, mass media and other means, organisations promote self worth and value as needing to come from an external source.

To illustrate let us use a potentially controversial subject - religion.

Even in our seemingly enlightened and awakened age, there are still dogmatic religious institutes that claim to have a monopoly on the truth. Due to extreme adverse judgement, many have been turned off with regard to their innate spirituality.

How can I make this statement?

Because I have experienced it, not just for myself but others. Having spent decades in the well known cult/sect of Jehovah’s Witnesses, I have experienced and seen first hand, the detrimental effects of institutionalised externalism. Having studied many religious organisations and belief systems, I have seen negative mind control practiced. Individuals who felt differently to the preached dogma, were systemically removed from the congregation. Ultimately, because I chose to live my life differently to that organised way of being, I was shunned by 100s and 1000s of individual members of this belief system.

Am I speaking against this organisation? Am I sucking on spiritual sour grapes? NO!

We are free to believe what we choose. However, we are also 100% free to question the projection of absolute truth that religious and any other societal indoctrinate.

We are FREE to choose OUR choice.

Our freedom isn’t dependent on anyone or anything else. You are already free, the key is to now experience your fuller liberation. Yes, we can look in awe at the beautiful architecture of a church, temple, cathedral or any religious building but we need to see ourselves as MORE. We are a miracle and we are a cathedral of immense potential. In the same way that a building is a point of attention and a place to focus energy, so are WE. We are a point of attention, a magnetising manifestation force to attract the abundance we deserve. In the words of the title track of the EXTRAORDINARY album ‘I Am Cathedral’:

‘I am Cathedral,

My very own temple.

I am heavenly,

I am Cathedral’.

Beautiful reader, remove any eroding forces that undermine your full liberation. Ultimately, YOU are the foundation, YOU are the cornerstone, YOU are the cathedral of your OWN physical, spiritual, psychological and emotional life. Instead of needing perceived outside sources, or external man-made power, divinity resides IN YOU; power IS YOU.

As I have experienced self liberation, I now share self liberation; liberation of one consciousness. We are connected in this thing called 'life' and beyond. This thought of ‘liberation of one consciousness’ is the primary inspiration behind the writing, recording and release of the album ‘I Am Cathedral’. An album of pure liberating truth music; an album released in a unique way; an album that will help elevate you to your fuller being; an album that at least questions the need for external value; an album that empowers you to realise even more fully - YOU ARE CATHEDRAL.

Sound vibrational energy to ascend you, to enable you to rise and be the fuller version of YOU.

To order your empowering entry into ‘I Am Cathedral’ visit the PRODUCT page on this website and we will share with you this PHENOMENAL 12 track memory stick album (plus a deeply inspirational free hidden track). You Can play this INCREDIBLE album through your laptop, PC or a USB port in the car!

Remember, YOU are all you need; YOU are love; YOU are free. Step inside the reality realisation, the life full liberation and KNOW that YOU are Cathedral

Loving Energy ALWAYS,


OverSoul & The Architects of Passion

Ps Subscribe to our YouTube channel where we are sharing powerful truth, music and video content. We welcome your comments and likes. We look forward to touring the phenomenal album ‘I Am Cathedral’ in 2022 and beyond.

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