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Overcoming self-doubt in OUR Garden of Life

Where does self-doubt come from? Is the clue not in the term? In this initial thought, I aim to share where ‘self-doubt’ originates. In this initial thought, we find the solution to overcoming ‘self-doubt’. Self-doubt is a misnomer! Bold statement? No! True fact! Consider this thought - where you born with self-doubt? Of course not! We were born with the birthright of confidence. In considering this initial thought - that ‘self-doubt’ doesn’t actually come from self, we begin to identify the root cause and thereby we can deal with the cause not just the symptom.

Self-doubt is the offspring, the inner child, of outer influence. During our formative years, we may have been fed negative, self-limiting thoughts from any or all of the following:- parents; siblings; teachers; peers; friends; work colleagues etc etc. Then began the slow erosion of our SELF-believe. Then was born ‘self-doubt’. Sad to say, self-doubt can erode the creative soul, or at best inhibit it!

How am I qualified to speak on this characteristic of ‘self-doubt’? Because I have lived in it for YEARS! However, there is hope. How can we kick self-doubt out? Prepare yourself for pure truth! Brace yourself for a factual statement! Embrace this pure truth - ‘self-doubt’ is VERY closely related to ‘people pleasing’! In fact they are siblings! In fact they are twins! Why? ‘Self-doubt’, as we have discussed is born from perception of others. When it takes root, we can allow others views to cause us to question ours (just to pause and explain for a moment - I am here focusing primarily on this characteristic in a creative way). For example - one of the Beatles well-known songs ‘I am the Walrus’... What is the song about? Does that actually matter? Could people have had the perspective at the time - ‘I am the Walrus, what on Earth is that about’?! Of course! Consider too Queens most famous hit ‘Bohemian Rhapsody’! It is well documented that Queens record company did NOT want them to lead, or even release, this AMAZING song! Did Freddie Mercury, Brian May, Roger Taylor and John Deacon want to ‘people please’ and thereby surrender to ‘self-doubt’? Thankfully not!

Neither did I surrender to self-doubt and neither should you! in the last year, I have achieved the following:

1. Released the single 'Your Journey' which was featured in the major USA tv network cancer docu series 'Eight Days'.

2. Released an album 'Garden of Life' and engaged with many through this album (join us and order YOUR signed, personal message copy from ).

3. Written emotional signature DNA Songs for individuals (3 are contained on the 'Garden of Life' album CD). Watch out for an INCREDIBLE example of a personally written bespoke song, including an AMAZING video, 'Heaven in a Breath' this coming Saturday 1st August 2020!

4. Most recently I have designed and launched an online creative writing program 'Songwriting - Writing YOUR Unique DNA Songs'! Incredible value at $153 for LIFETIME ACCESS into my inspirational and creative program (visit product page to click and gain access to your deeper creativity). Write your OWN Songs, poetry and positive, inspirational social media content (new promo video coming soon).

5. THE FUTURE!..... There is SO much more coming! Visit my home page and click on the Sign Up button to join my VIP email newsletter.

Our world needs broad minded creators not narrow minded haters!

How can we achieve this mindset? Be with people who have worked on their mindset and share space with them. If people can influence us negatively, then they can also influence us positively! Where and when? One DEFINITE way is by being at the following INCREDIBLE event. Take a look -

It’s time to open to YOUR inspiration even more and thereby open up YOUR creativity more fully! It’s time to ignite YOUR passion and kick out self-doubt! Are you ready? I have no doubt you are. Join with me and others in a creative evolution and revolution.

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Ray xx

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