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Releasing & Letting Go of Creative Scarcity

There is truth in this opening thought -

when many things diminish or become scarce, they increase in their intrinsic value...

From life, through to food, to some degree even time. When things are running out of availability, we value them even more.

Of course, this is not a requirement for appreciation and gratitude but scarcity can help focus our minds on the value of something. The foregoing is 100% true of creativity and learning to value opportunity.

In this week's blog I share some object lessons from my creative life over the last few years. Why do I share these thoughts? To encourage YOU to connect with the positive intentions of what I am sharing and find encouragement for YOUR passion to purpose.

It began in a Garden...

It REALLY did! Last year and through to this year, has been a time of fear, disconnection and to some degree scarcity. Beginning the project of releasing an album at the end of 2019 (aiming for a spring release in 2020), little did any of us know, how much the world scene would change! Undettered, I released 'Garden of Life' to the world. Whilst I've written songs for many years, this was my FIRST album release!

Check out the above video, for a guided snippet tour through the Garden...

It has been an INCREDIBLE honour and privilege to make 'Garden of Life' available ALL over the world! For me it has been a beginning and throughout the journey of this album and sharing it with you, great good and much learning has taken place. I will be sharing EXTREMELY special news on the 'Garden of Life' VERY soon...

Gardens grow and lead to extended fruitage and my creative awakening has and is leading to more. However, I won't ever forget the roots!.. Much more will be shared on this VERY soon...

What creative growth has taken place? Check out last weeks 'Diary of a Songwriter - OUR Journey' (PS title will be changing slightly... SOON...

Yes indeed, 'from a seed, to a tree, to a forest' and as co-lyricist Sherry McQueen recently shared to a 'JUNGLE'!

Love it!

From creative scarcity to creative abundance and together we can ALL reach out to and for more. Take a listen to global anthem 'Our Connection' below. We encourage YOU to connect in this powerful message! ('Our Connection' is available to download/stream on ALL digital platforms). Share in OUR Connection.

in conclusion, LIFE should be valued WHILE we have it; food should be tasted and enjoyed gratefully for it's glorious and joyful worth and also time should be shared in OUR creative purpose. Sharing a limited source of musical soul food with YOU VERY soon...

Meantime find strength from the 2nd track on the album 'Garden of Life'... 'This Heartbeat'... continue to open up YOUR heart to abundance.

Loving Energy,

Ray xxx

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