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Sailing Together

A vessel will strike its way through the waves but it will always leave a wake behind itself. Do I ignore the past? NO! Does my past define me? NO! Has the past shaped me? YES! A ship, a vessel, needs the water, to keep it buoyant and moving. That is how I now view my past! It is also the fuel of progression. My past and its experiences, motivates me forwards. I want to use my voice (which I nearly lost) for greater good. Does that mean I am looking back, harping on about days gone by? NO! It means I know my remaining journey and destinations. Does the ship influence the water? Of course it does! Does the ship need the water? Of course it does! We ALL need each other. Yes we can survive on our own. We are all we need. We are unique. However, life is truly beautiful when we sail together. Please friends keep sailing with me. #myjourney #yourjourney #ourjourney #onevoice #togetherstronger #cancersurvivor #singer #songwriter #keeptalkingmh #mentalhealthmatters

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