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Sharing Creativity in the Garden of Life

Sharing is such a wonderful thing to do! From a young age we are often taught the importance of sharing. Sometimes though, as we get older, sharing can become an issue. One of the most likely major reasons is trust! That could be your experience. It has at times been mine. We can find it difficult to give trust, to open ourselves up to others, due to historical experience and ego/self protection.

In this weeks blog I’m going to talk about the subject of sharing and connecting. Consider the following information. Founding director of the Center for Neuroeconomics Studies at Claremont Graduate University, Paul Zak, found that when people share, their brains release the hormone oxytocin, sometimes called the “feel good” or “cuddle” hormone, which relieves stress.

During these times of social distancing, isn’t it the case that one of the dominant things that we lack and miss is an embrace, a cuddle, a hug! I know, that many of us are experiencing connection and sharing, through social media and at times 1:1 or group video calling. This is a great way of sharing and therefore maintaining the feelgood/cuddle feeling.

I am always fascinated though to take things onto an even higher level! Let me explain. As a songwriter I know that music and lyrics have an incredible chemistry! Think of that unique relationship, that marriage if you like, of musical notes and individual words, flowing backwards and forwards across each other. Wow! At its pinnacle this combination of music and lyrics, provokes an incredibly high emotional experience! This unity of melody and literacy is deep both for the writer and the recipient/audience. Check out this quote from one of the greatest song writers of all time:

“I think music in itself is healing. It’s an explosive expression of humanity. It’s something we are all touched by. No matter what culture we’re from, everyone loves music.” Billy Joel

Through my work and purpose as a songwriter, I am doing more than simply connecting musical notes and words together! Those who have shared in the ‘Garden of Life’ album, have expressed their appreciation for the connection and the message that this album contains. People who have bought and listened to the ‘Garden of Life’ have had that ‘feel good’ and ‘cuddle’ connection. Why? Because the whole of the theme of ‘Garden of Life’ is connectivity and loving energy! Music is indeed a ‘healing’ opportunity. Let’s take this thought of sharing, and in my experience particularly through music, a step further!

I encourage you to sit still with this thought for a moment... Consider the above, sharing creates a hormone that makes us feel good and is like a cuddle! Imagine though for a moment that we take that connection to an even deeper or higher level (there are NO boundaries to the connection of music)! Imagine the shared experience that we are talking about THE song that is written EXCLUSIVELY for YOU! The experience of those who I have written personalised songs for, has been truly inspirational; incredibly elevating and both sublime and divine in abundant measure! Pause and think about that for a moment - a song that is YOURS; that effectively contains your unique DNA! How would that feel for you? Let me assure you, if I even downplay the experience of those that I have written songs for, it is off the scale! Feedback I have received from those I’ve written songs for and about, has been awesome, to say the least! One of the most common expressions, is people have felt transcended and ascended into a higher experience. Additionally, people have often made the expression, that my songwriting and creating THEIR song, is like - holding a mirror to their soul! Wow!

In conclusion, my gift to you; my gift to humanity, is to continue to write songs that elevate the soul! So many are reaching out to me, and joining me in this shared creative experience (check out growth of the ‘Garden Wall’... there are even more selfies to come!).

You do not need to join me in the writing process. However, if you want to then I am most certainly open to that shared space. Do yourselves a favou thoughr, in times that have been referred to as ‘uncertain’ and ‘unprecedented’, join me in the shared experience of music, lyrics and a message beyond these times. Be elevated in the ‘Garden of Life’. Connect with me to write YOUR unique DNA song and feel good in our creative musical embrace.


Ray xx

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