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Sharing is Caring

Shall we dive right in?

Ladies and Gentle peeps, I give you my guest blogger, partner in rhyme, writer, artist and SO much more Michelle Roche. Take it away Michelle:

"Those of you with knowledge of children know that children of a certain age do not like to share. Everything is theirs, and they can really make some noise if another child wants to play with ‘their’ toy. As parents/carers we encourage our children to share. Why? Because it’s the right thing to do. I worked in child care for 10 years, as a nursery nurse in the private sector. I began my career with little experience or knowledge on child development. After achieving NVQ levels 2 and 3, I was armed and ready to take on the toddlers.

It can be embarrassing for a parent whose child refuses to share. I can remember being at the park with my own children, as they waited patiently for a swing to become available. I can also recall having to encourage my children to share. I think we all get the jist of toddlers and their reluctance to share but let’s think about babies. One of the most distinctive aspects of being human is altruism. When we see another human in need, we want to help them. ‘What’s that got to do with babies’ I hear you ask? Babies instinctively give up their food, they willingly offer it to you if they think you need or want it. Those of you who are parents have no doubt done ‘mmm is that nice’ and mimicked your baby eating. The baby’s response is to offer you some, no matter how much they are enjoying it. It would take too long to go into detail about child development but I think you get where I’m coming from.

So here’s a question, are we born with the ability to share, or is that something we learn? I’ll let you do your own research and answer that one.

What are we doing when we share? I suppose it depends on what we are sharing and when we are sharing whatever it is. I believe sharing is a valuable gift, especially when it comes to sharing knowledge of a skill. Sharing a gift or a talent can help and encourage others to develop their own talents. I’m sure you’ll agree that the world is a better place when creativity is shared. I for one can not imagine a world without creativity. In my experience sharing creates a joyous feeling inside, a true state of happiness. The opposite of sharing is greed, keeping everything to yourself, where is the joy in that?

We are social beings and sharing is a good way to connect with our fellow humans. Helping each other in our times of need. We can achieve so much more collectively, than we can on our own. So my message today is keep sharing, keep caring and know that together there is no limit on what we can achieve".

Thank you VERY much for your insight Michelle. Myself and Michelle, individually and in collaboration, look forward to sharing even more with you creatively. Meantime, here are a couple of reminders of offerings we have shared in creating for you.

Michelle created the artwork for my album 'Garden of Life'. Availabe on CD (Visit

'Your GLAD Journey Companion'. Mine and Michelle's ebook of inspirational poetry (visit to order YOUR GLAD ebook).

Below Michelle's interview on my priceless gift opportunity 'In Christmas Memories'. Watch as Michelle encourages me to expand on this FOREVER gift project.

Wonderful to share so much with YOU and thank you again Michelle.

Loves Energy,

Ray xxx

Ps wait until you hear what myself and Michelle are cooking up for you on Halloween, 31st October 2020. Be afraid, be VERY afraid LOL.

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