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Strength, Determination & Hope

Sometimes and some days, it is VERY easy to focus on fear and to live in despair.

We are surrounded by messages of fear DAILY and to compound this, our minds are set to the default of ‘negative bias’. Of course, none of these introductory words are given with criticism or to direct ourselves towards guilt and shame. These elements of fear, despair, anguish and hopelessness are REAL and we must accept and acknowledge ALL feelings. In other words and through my own life experience, emotional avoidance is never a long-term success strategy.

Why do I share this message of strength, determination and hope with you today? Simply put – because we ALL need it. We can; we are and we will succeed in strength, determination and hope.

What can help?

In my experience THREE major elements (though there are far more) engage greater strength, determination and hope:

1. Discover and BE the true YOU.

2. BE with those who not only encourage but applaud the above.

3. Transfer your perceived weakness/vulnerability into YOUR strength to support others.

Let me provide you strength, determination and hope through examples of the 3rd point. I share ALL of these to provide loving examples of YOUR courage guiding YOU home; home to YOU!

I experienced from a young age feelings of abandonment, for example my dad left the family home when I was 5 years old. Due to living in my Mum’s perspective, for the remainder of my life, until my Father’s death 38 years later, I never saw him again. Never even got to attend his funeral. This perceived loyalty to my Mum, as a Fatherless boy, was understandable and I forgive the child and the man, my Dad and my Mum.

How is this now strength?

Because it forms my deeply intuitive understanding of how easy and seemingly honourable it can be to live OUR lives for the perspective of others. No blame and no shame but awareness to create freedom’s change.

Through experiencing extreme religious judgement and excommunication, I fully understand and have deep compassion for any who are manipulated, through mind games, of the threat of isolation and disconnection.

As a result of losing my voice to throat cancer for a prolonged period in 2008 and subsequent marriage breakdown and ALL of the above, at the same time! I know profoundly KNOW what hopelessness feels like. This understanding is my strengthening and determining fuel!

Let's now look at the 2nd point: BE with those who not only encourage but applaud YOU being YOU.

It is SO EASY to sit back and wait for change, the key is to harness our experiences and to transform them into HOPE for ourselves and to serve OTHERS.

The list of those who have helped me transform is LONG! However, I want to give a place and space here to 2 TRANSFORMERS (and of course I don't mean the robot type ;)).

Michelle Roche and Rebecca Adams.

(Please realise there are SO MANY others I could name and I know that THEY know who THEY are).

The power of an encouraging word cannot be overstated. Michelle once said to me, when describing the commonly used phrase 'bless you'...

'I don't want you to be less you, I want you to be MORE you'!

This could appear to be a throaway comment but when you consider my experience of perceived abandonment; perceived maternal loyalty; religous excommunication and reality of mortality; her words exploded in my heart and still do to this day.

There is of course SO MUCH more influence that Michelle has had on my life. She is 100% a phenomenal cheerleader and strengthing support to my purpose!

* When you learn of the extreme circumstances and location we recorded the above video in, it will provide even more of an insight IN strength, determination and hope...

** OUR strength determination and hope has given birth to the magical gift memory company U-Gift

Now Rebecca Adams! You may sense already from the exclamation mark, I will NEVER underestimate the remarkable influence Rebecca has had on my life and the lives of others! As a man of words, it is genuinely difficult to put into words... Rebecca, has enabled me to 'uplevel; quantum shift and elevate' my purpose, to the point where I now use my strength, determination, creativity and inspiration to give hope to others.

*** HEAR from the truly INSPIRATIONAL Rebecca Adams, as she shares part of the story behind her LIFE LIVED message: 'Keep Going Always'. Interview this Wednesday July 28th 2021 through Anchor platform and streamed via Spotify... 'Ray Coates - Connecting IN One Voice'.

Another expansive element is creativity. It has become phenomenally apparent to me the strength and hope that arise from connecting TOGETHER IN creativity. This discovery has been INCREDIBLE as I have watched and worked alongside others IN creative purpose. Take a look/listen and AMAZING examples of this truth:

In conclusion, discover and BE the true YOU; the world doesn't need any more manufactured clones! BE with those who not only encourage but applaud YOU being MORE YOU and INVEST in YOURSELF. Keep transfering your perceived weakness/vulnerability into YOUR strength to support others. Finally, Connect IN creativity, it is a powerful source and resource to liberate your TRUE self.

I look forward to continuing to share passion; purpose; strength; determination and joy filled hope with and for YOU.

Loving Energy ALWAYS,

Ray xxx

Ps why not contact me for an exclusive soul liberating invitation to Connect IN Creativity...

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