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Switch Off THEIR Power & Switch ON YOUR Purpose

How do you feel about energy?

It’s in the news a LOT currently.

My heart genuinely goes out to those concerned about gas, electricity and fuel price increases. It’s a time of the promotion of anxiety, apprehension and great fear and we’ve been fed this diet of concern, relentlessly over the last couple of years.

However, here we aim to help you move your focus from power price increases, to letting YOUR soul purpose RISE and creating vibrational energy to inspire you to rise above the negative energy bias.

Energy price increase/power cuts - how can you move beyond price and connect in the power of your SOUL purpose?

Before we start, sometimes we have to STOP or PAUSE and reflect on what we truly desire. This following question may help you -

What kind of connection do you REALLY desire?

Do you desire the kind of connection that inspired Gary Numan to write the 80s hit ‘Are Friends Electric’?

Explaining the meaning of ‘Are Friends Electric’ and much of Gary Numan’s writing, SongFacts says the following:

‘This song is about man living among robots - how you can lock yourself in a dark room away from any other human. Numan has Asperger's Syndrome, and many of this songs deal with themes of technology and isolation’.

Thought provoking. Do we desire to unplug from life and plug into technology and isolation?

The system we live in desires us to be and feel remote and detached, ultimately ISOLATED.

How can we unplug from the mainstream matrix?

In one word - CREATE.

We are not here to be a replicant subjugate. We have this one LIFE.

Yes, we understand we have day to day concerns (created by this corrupt system) but we are here to connect and create, not to disconnect, isolate and divide in fear and hate.

Plug into YOUR power! Consider carefully if you want to use this dying matrix system for energy, or develop creating your own.

Does anyone ever try to cut YOUR power? Does any ever try to drain your energy resources emotionally, spiritually, psychologically and physically?

Pause for a moment, unplug and look at the symbol below and as you do consider - what do you see? Consider this question carefully and we would love to know your thoughts.

Know YOU

Control YOU

Know others

Keep switched on friends. You have more power than price.

Last Thursday there was a power cut at the recording studio (during a session of recording a crucial impact song to be revealed soon)!

Watch the video below and NOTHING will stop the message SOON to arrive…

Not even ANOTHER POWER cut 👇✨👇

Remember, you have LIFE to create!

Through many forms of creative medium, we are here to help you. Through ‘OverSoul & The Architects of Passion’ we are here to liberate your creative realisation.

Take a look/listen to the power filled message BELOW.

In this coming Wednesdays YouTube LIVE… a message of switching off their power and switching ON YOUR PURPOSE, will be shared.

Meantime, consider the power of creative opportunity, held out to you in the video below.

Loving ENERGY,


'OverSoul & The Architects of Passion'

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