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Synchronicity - One Voice, We Are One

Updated: May 1, 2022

We are connected as one, in synchronicity and we should connect because we are already are.

Yesterday I just had an incredible experience and proof of how amazing it is when you say yes, when you say yes to yourself. Magical things can happen when you say yes to invitation opportunities as my dear creative friend Caroline Brown said yesterday:

‘Invitations come to open hearts’.

Yesterday, I attended a live music event at the local library ‘Get Loud In Libraries’

This is the complete opposite of what you would often expect, often you’d expect to be quiet in the library but this was LOUD in the library and I got to hear one performance and met an amazing drummer, so this is what I’m sharing.

With synchronicity, when we say yes to invitations and we open our heart to possible connections, it’s amazing where it can lead. Just before I went into the event, there was a guy outside and we got chatting and it turns out he’s a drummer and we exchanged numbers and discussed connecting.

I’m sure we’ll get together at some point soon and this synchronicity will potentially lead to collaborating and that’s really how it should be. There’s more in MORE as there’s more in sharing connection with others.

I can achieve many things on my own and I have and I will, so will you but together there is even more.

When I walked near Blackpool tower yesterday, it struck me that it’s made up of very well engineered individual pieces. In fact, it is built with 2,500 tonnes of iron and 5 million bricks !

A very well designed and architectural sound structure, individual pieces coming together, forming the tower. This illustrates perfectly the power of connection, so does the experience I had yesterday. It’s amazing, just a message from my friend Cal through WhatsApp saying: ‘there’s this event at the library’ and this led to me meeting up with a sound engineer, who tours all round the country, supporting ‘Get Loud In the Library’, it was absolutely incredible, absolutely amazing!

Already, just in the brief time that I was at the event, I reached out to phenomenal individuals. So the ‘power of the tower’ all that infrastructure built together, individual pieces overlapping and creating an immense structure of a extraordinary substance.

Well WE are cathedrals, beautiful architectural beings of phenomenal power; miracles and independent temples of tremendous connective potential.

As the standing structure of us, we are able to transmute energy and create connections for meaningful change. Yesterday, I was once again immensely grateful.

How do you feel about secret synchronicity?

How do you feel about serendipity?

These will be some of our discussion points in our LIVE YouTube video chat, this coming Wednesday April 27th 2022 @ 6:30pm (uk time).


Some people may call synchronicity/serendipity- coincidence.

There are too many so called ‘coincidences’, for them to be coincidences! When we put certain vibrational energy out, we attract/magnetise certain energy back.

Meeting with the Drummer Rob yesterday and meeting with the sound engineer Ali, having a chat with them was amazing.

I’m just so overjoyed to share this with you. Of course, we’re not going to say yes to everything but when you get the opportunity to join together with others in creating sound and even more so, when you get the opportunity to connect in creating sound for change, then we must take that opportunity.

Social reform is the sound ‘OverSoul & The Architects of Passion’ are creating.

After an amazing afternoon yesterday, I’m VERY grateful for the invitation from my good friend Cal and I’m so grateful for what my accepting the invitation, has led to.


Synchronicity is meant to be.

ONE voice, WE are ONE.

Are you ready for change?

FRIDAY May 6th 2022 welcomes the truth music and awakened music, sound for change and social reform.

Loving Energy ALWAYS,

Ray xxx

'OverSoul & The Architects of Passion'

Ps BELOW is LAST WEEKS YouTube LIVE on Synchronicity

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