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‘The brightest star NEEDS the darkest night to shine’.

Updated: Jan 12

Sometimes, it’s not easy to face certain things. In our lives we’ve all faced circumstances, that we’d rather turn our thoughts away from. Whilst this is of course natural and understandable, perhaps at times we avoid ‘shadows’ and ‘darkness’, when we’d do well to face our ‘demons’ so to speak. Ultimately, things need to be faced for us to begin at least processing. I’m talking about relationship break-ups, serious illness, personality traits and even addictions.

Here I confess, at times, I’ve been a serial avoider! It’s not how far we fall but how we rise that is a measurement of our success. The brightest star NEEDS the darkest night to shine. Let me re quote this powerful thought again:

‘The brightest star NEEDS the darkest night to shine’.

When you discover the life of the individual who shares this thought, you will feel the power of its reality truth, even more! A man who has risen from the darkest of circumstances to creatively shine bright. I won’t be sharing ALL of the details of the astonishing life of this inspirational man (there is a deeply moving book, that does this and it needs to be read to give immense enCOURAGEment to the lives of others).

For a period of time I couldn’t face this life account but I’m very glad I did and I strongly recommend that you do as well. Meantime, let me tell you a little bit about how myself and the poet, songwriter and author John Cheetham met and the phenomenal creative writing experience and partnership we have begun.

John and I became aware of each other several months ago, through a local radio station Fylde Coast Radio. We began to realise, we had a common passion for creative writing and also a strong bond of having faced adverse situations in life, little did I know just how extreme John’s journey was.

We met one day at a local Café in Blackpool and immediately our conversation flowed. John showed me a selfie picture on his phone of himself and the legendary footballer Pele. WOW! Not only was this incredible, it’s was the brilliantly natural ‘matter of fact’ way that John did this, something I would become used to, as John regularly amazes me with casual expressions that are quite remarkable. As the conversation progressed, John told me about his experience as a local estate agent, travelling abroad and being shot by the Bulgarian and the unbelievable events that followed! As previously stated, I don’t want to share all here but reading the miraculous survival account of John’s life, will bring immense perspective to issues you may be facing in life. We can support John in the release of his phenomenal life story ‘Fall Guy’ by ordering and reading his life journey (CKICK ON the IMAGE LINK BELOW to order YOUR COPY of 'Fall Guy', through John’s website).

Myself and John had subsequent creative meetings after that initial meeting at the Solaris Café and we began to write. I had 1 place to fill for an upcoming collaboration album 'Our Songs'. A collection of co-created/inspired songs, of and with others (some of the individuals had never written lyrics for songs previously), John had previous experience of lyric writing for songs. John has a brilliant talent for writing poetically/lyrically about the lives of others, a talent that is being shared through the medium of my music and out ‘creative force’ collaboration. John wrote a beautifully poetic piece about the late great musical artist Meatlof and the powerful co-written song 'Lost & Found', featuring the tribute lyrics of John Cheetham), appears as the final track on the album ‘Our Songs’. 'Lost & Found' was also released as a single. We also have begun writing a ‘tribute’ album to many great artists who have passed from this life, including Prince, George Michael and Freddie Mercury!

Additionally, under inspiration, we have begun writing and recorded several songs for John’s miraculous life account and a potential book to film project for ‘Fall Guy’

This coming Saturday marks the OFFICIAL release of ‘Fall Guy’ the single. A powerful song recently played exclusively by Salford City Radio (visit link below for John’s recent radio interview and the EXCLUSIVE RADIO play of ‘Fall Guy’).

Be INspired by the Spotify streamed interview ‘Rising Creatively From a Life-changing Fall’, with John on Saturday 13th January 2024, John’s birthday (Link BELOW)

It has been an outstanding honour and privilege to get to know John and to work with him on the several projects we have underway. We are a creative force to be reckoned with and are currently writing a song that we will be pitching  to a major band, who will be headlining at Lytham Festival this coming June. Additionally, we will be reaching out to ‘tribute’ artists to write original songs for them to sing in the style of those no longer with us in this life.

I’m glad I read ‘Fall Guy’ and it helped me to put my own circumstances into perspective. It also helped remind me in John’s words: 

‘The brightest star NEEDS the darkest night to shine’.

Support myself and John in the OFFICIAL release of ‘Fall Guy’ 13/01/2024 (exclusive YouTube link below). 

I will be creating a specific website page for myself and John, to share our collaborations and that page will go LIVE this coming Saturday January 13th 2024.

Keep inspiring friends and find immense enCOURAGEment and inspiration, from all sources and forces that surround you.

Order John Cheetham’s astonishing life account ‘Fall Guy’.

Download and stream ‘Lost & Found’ (use link below to choose YOUR preferred listening digital platform):

Download and stream ‘Fall Guy’ the singleOFFICIAL release 13/01/2024 - SEE THE TAB 'A Creative Force To Be Reckoned With'  (A Sub Tab of EXPANDING COLLABORATIONS)

Love Ray xxx

MORE #newssoon 📖✍️🎥🎶🙏💫

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