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The Definition of a Mission

How would you define a mission? The literal definition of the word mission (according to The Oxford English Dictionary), is:

"an important assignment given to a person or a group of people, typically involving travel abroad".

i have come to see, more clearly, the direction of 'The Voice Within Project'! If you are going to begin a mission, you need some transport. My mode of transport comes from a place of deep love, care and some personal understanding of what it feels like to be isolated and disconnected.

i began the project with the goal (admittedly quite a large aspiring goal LOL), to make sure that NOBODY, NO single human being, felt isolated and disconnected. That is still my goal! However, I recognize that 'The Voice Within Project' can MOVE, much like a mission. Call it a caravan of love, if you like ;)... Therefore, I will be announcing next week, 'The Voice Within Projects' first port of call!...

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1 Comment

Anne Terri
Anne Terri
Aug 09, 2019

Having done so with a Mission I Received long ago, I do believe this is possible.

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