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The JOY OF Giving

I am so thrilled and excited to be sharing this very special, Christmas album announcement with you! It's HERE! Well here for pre-order (sweetener for your patience... when you visit product page >> and pre-order, you will receive a SPECIAL gift).

We have lived through several months of challenge, I am sure in some way that has been the case with you. However, I invite you to focus now on the joy of giving. The joy of giving is my social media theme for this week and it is at the heart of my Christmas album ‘A Christmas Voice’.

You now know that my album is available for pre-order today Monday, the 9th of November 2020!

As I shared above there is a unique Christmas gift to accompany the album when you pre-order! What is the gift? I could tease you and wait to tell you but I want to share NOW! It's ALL about giving.

The gift will be a special ‘A Christmas Voice’ e-book that will accompany the album. In this e-book I share with you my feelings about several of the Christmas songs contained within this album. Included, are ALL the lyrics to all of the songs, featuring three originally written !

I haven’t finished giving yet! It’s such a joy to share gift wrapped, heart flowing love and joy with YOU!

I am going to share with you the special way that I will deliver this Christmas album to you.

You won’t have to click a download button, I am going traditional now LOL. For a variety of reasons but primarily because I want to deliver the personal touch, once you pre-order the album 'A Christmas Voice', when I release it a week today on Monday, 16 November 2020, I will email you all NINE of the album songs and will include in the email a PERSONALISED Christmas message for YOU!

So in conclusion, here is the gift plan:

From today November 9, 2020 Pre-order for £6.99 ‘A Christmas Voice’ and I will send you your own Christmas voice e-book.

Next Monday November 16, 2020 I will email you all 9 of the songs contained on the album with a personalised Christmas message!

The Christmas personal touch that YOU deserve!

By the way, I still haven’t finished giving yet! Below is a link to my version of ‘Silent Night’ the second track on the album. Enjoy it is a beautifully emotional song!

I look forward to sharing with you a Christmas voice e-book from today Monday 9th November 2020 and also personally delivering, via email, the album ‘A Christmas Voice’ on November 16th 2020.

YOU are my reason for giving and YOU give me JOY in giving.

Would you like more? Of course you would. YOU deserve it and so do your loved ones.

Don't forget, YOU are a gift. YOUR voice is a gift. Invest in the priceless gift of 'In Christmas Memories' ICM 2020. 'In Christmas Memories' is the first track on my album and also the gift song I provide for you to share YOUR personalised Christmas voice message. Contact me for more details, either through contact page here on the website or email me >>

Warmest Love and an early MERRY Christmas,

Ray xxx

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