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The Voice Within Gets Louder

Wow! Wow! So much to tell! From contacting major football club Manchester City with regard to potential promotion of 'The Voice Within' for Shelter through to an upcoming live performance (see image below); on to various radio stations (including tonight on ) and an upcoming INTERNATIONAL INTERVIEW! And breath! Why this and more? Because I spent at least a year with NO voice, you could say from an emotional and spiritual point of view LONGER! I have been working hard behind the scenes to get the voice even LOUDER. This has given me the privilege of coming into contact with people affected by homelessness from as far apart as Newcastle to St.Albans (I intend to go out on the street on a soup run with later this month). Open up your heart, YOU are UNIQUE^55425643/unique COME and join us on a journey. Add YOUR voice to mine. Lets get LOUDER TOGETHER and prevent our human friends having NO home! (Booking office details below for Queens Park Art Centre, Aylesbury. November 10th @ 8pm).

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