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This is OUR Journey

Hello lovely world, its been a while. been VERY busy with fundraising performance and release/promotion of #thevoicewithin in aid of homeless prevention organisation shelter! Life ebbs and flows, a LOT has happened in the last few months!

Sometimes, like a literal journey, you have to look back to see how far you have come! Today I am doing that and I strongly encourage you to do the same! As you read this, take a moment to reflect upon how incredible you are! How many challenges, life changes and at times sadly, tragic obstacles you have had to overcome! And yet, here you are! Here WE are!

Today I have released for pre-order (in i-tunes only) my song 'Your Journey' (though I would prefer to refer to it as OUR song).

I did a Facebook interview several months ago with a lovely lady in the USA by the name of Mary Sterling and little did I know that celebrity chef, award winning filmmaker and diabetes and cancer advocate Charles Mattocks was listening in! After the interview, Charles contacted me and asked me to write a song for his cancer docu series 'Eight Days'! My answer? YES!!!! And as a result a new chapter and a new journey began! However, the release of 'Your Journey' today for pre-order, is NOT the end! If anything it is another beginning, and I would love this beginning to become OUR Journey. Take a look at my partner Michelle's beautiful artwork for the 'Your Journey' single release (reflect upon your own personal journey and there will be more from Michelle's creative ability VERY soon). Stay tuned and I promise I will visit the BLOG world more often and in fact will announce a VLOG world for the new year VERY soon! 'Your Journey' will be released in all major digital download stores on January 1st 2020! My song, our shared purpose, OUR Journey.

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