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Do you like secrets? Do you enjoy being a part of something exclusive?

None of us enjoy feeling shut out and having limits imposed on us. Why? Because we are free and creative soul beings.

How is your creative soul? Does it feel nourished? Well, I have much to share with you to enable you and your creative being to receive the inspiration and nourishment it desires and deserves.

Firstly, check out this weeks YouTube vlog ‘Diary of a Songwriter- Let’s Connect’ (LINK BELOW)

This vlog is jam packed with positive Christmas thoughts; awakened energy and many creative opportunities for you.

Now, here are your top secret and exclusively creatively nourishing offerings.

You may have seen in social media the below image…

This is a symbolic representation of the phenomenal venture that will be revealed next year. As the alter ego of ‘OverSoul’, with the virtual band ‘the Architects of Passion’, an album of social changing truth music will be released early in 2022. This will be an explosive and empowering musical release. Jump on the bus now and subscribe to the new YouTube channel ‘OverSoul Truth Music’ (the link and and an EXCLUSIVE demo track are below and more will follow in this groundbreaking project).

Here is where your opportunity to write words that can change the world comes in. Doors are not closing, doors are opening. Restriction and imposition may feel at times ever present but through creativity, we can discover the valve that opens up more for ourselves and others.

Become an exclusive member of a joyful creative adventure.

Join in a creative opportunity that has been life-changing for others. Don’t take my word for it, read the thoughts of those who have already experienced the extraordinary value of connecting inside creativity:

‘I really am so incredibly grateful for the opportunity to Connect inside Creativity with Ray. He has given me so much encouragement and support to believe in my creativity, within songwriting. His approach to coaching and mentoring is wonderful’.

‘It has been an amazing journey to Connect In Creativity, to learn how to create my song from beginning to end. Ray offered a lot of golden nuggets, tips and tricks how to approach things. Ray knows how to trigger the inspiration to start flowing. Always enjoyed the 1-1 sessions, always amazed to see how much the song has grown. Loved how Ray is always so encouraging and reassuring throughout the whole process’.

'What Ray Coates has shared with me, has enabled me to have the opportunity of creating, is quite honestly life changing! Ray has made himself available every step of the way during this journey of the last 4 months, to guide, mentor, inspire, and encourage me in the process, and the result is a song that I have written... We all have a unique and creative ability inside of us, but what we don't all have, is someone to help us to find and extract that unique and creative ability. Ray Coates IS that someone… I can promise that when you do take up this opportunity with both hands, it will open up your life and your world like you never dreamed was possible. I'm living proof of that being the case'.

Open up your creative potential and Connect INSIDE Creativity (CIC 2022).

A new 4 month subscription process will begin on Friday January 7th 2022!

The door is open to YOU. This is your chance to take up this life changing creative offering.

CIC 2022 is:



And at only £18.99 per month VERY affordable.

Visit the services page scroll to the bottom of the page and click the SUBSCRIBE NOW button to open up your creative world.

If you have any questions or would like to jump on a 1:1 video call to discuss, CLICK REPLY and let’s open your creative energy even MORE.

Loving Energy Always,

Ray xxx

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