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Transforming Through The Scars & Storms of Life

How many storms have you experienced?

Your mind may be transported to the last natural phenomenon that your experienced, maybe the storm even had a name?

However, this is not a geology blog… the kind of storm we are referring to here, is a storm of LIFE.

Maybe this storm felt or feels like it was of seismic proportions, maybe, as we said previously, your storm even had a name… storms can of course cause destruction and at best, in a literal storm, disruption. Storms can also clear atmospheric pressure, in other words we may need to go through the storm like situation, for it to clear our pathway and our energetic air.

I’d like to at this point share 1 major storm of my life (there will also be a personal storm shared from another phenomenal energy source) and through these temporal weather insights into past being, I aim to help you to navigate your way through the transforming storms of life.

‘Fragility, it shaped the being I’m meant to be and has now brought me to this present tense’.

Prism (Track 8 from the recently release truth music album ‘I Am Cathedral’).

OverSoul & The Architects of Passion

Before I share these major storms (some are linked to other related elements of experience), I want to share this thought -

My storms won’t take yours away but they may act as an encouragement that you can weather your personal storms and thrive into your own radiant being, in the present and in the future.

Firstly an experience that has been shared before. In fact this experience formed a large part of a chapter shared in the international bestselling book ‘Smashing Through the Glass Ceiling’ (a book featuring 16 individually authored chapters of incredible real life experiences, all of strength in adversity and perseverance leading to Hope).

The particular storm/scar related moment, was in the midst of cancer radiation treatment for throat cancer. After experiencing deeply invasive surgery in 2008 and ultimately going through 6 weeks of radiation, my mind, body and soul had been severely wounded.

On one occasion, towards the end of radiation, I was finding it impossible to eat, sleep and do many of the things we take for granted. As a result of this trauma, a home visit from a doctor was arranged. I remember standing in the kitchen and after endeavouring to explain to the doctor how I was feeling (mechanically it was so difficult to speak), she said the following:

‘You are experiencing grief. You have lost part of the side of your neck and you are grieving for the loss of a part of you’.

Her words struck the deepest core of me, it was like a bell of truth ringing in my heart of hearts. In this moment of hearing my truth and from the mouth of understanding of someone else, I dissolved into tears.

My cancer journey was an isolated and disconnected one, even as I stood in the kitchen with my then wife, my then wife didn’t know the depth of pain I felt. When others acknowledge our loss, especially when those who should be closest to us don’t, it carries an even greater emotional cut. My scars; my storm and my loss, had in this moment been understood and embraced by another soul.

The time of this grieving process; death of my Dad (I hadn’t seen him in 38 years when I was notified of his death by a hand delivered letter) and separation and ultimate divorce, cut into my soul and left scars that took longer to heal than the staples that held my neck together.

Before concluding on the hope and strength you can gain from my experience, let me revisit the thought -

'there will also be a personal storm shared from another phenomenal energy source'.

My beautiful, talented and energetically loving partner and creative counterpart Michelle.

Let me hand you over to Michelle to share for your benefit a specifically influential scar from her life:

'When I was 11yrs old I had a nasty accident that needed 14 stitches around my right knee. It left me with a very noticeable scar that I used to be very self conscious about. Imagine starting high school and being the one person who all the attention was put open. It was announced in the hall that I had a very nasty cut on my leg and so everyone wanted to see it. I was popular for a day but not in the way I’d have liked to have been. You see, during the summer holidays of 1981, I had been playing with my cousin when a rusty piece of metal caught me by surprise. It was the week before my sisters wedding and I was going to be a bridesmaid for the first time ever. But now it wasn’t clear if I would be able to walk. I’d been looking forward to the wedding for so long, I was determined to walk behind my sister down the aisle. So when the day came that is what I did and I danced the night away too. The following day my parents took me back to hospital as my knee felt like it had been bleeding and it really hurt. The nurse took the huge bandage off and it was decided that they would use a protective spray instead of another dressing. This meant that the 14 big thick stitches were visible to everyone. It was the 29th of August and in a couple of days I would be starting high school. As a child I used to love playing outside, riding my bike and climbing trees. Now though I was stuck inside with my ‘bad’ leg, I had made it to the park and fell off the roundabout and pulled one of the stitches loose. So that kinda put an end to that, to ease the boredom and frustration I started to draw and colour in pictures. This is where my passion for creativity kicked in, I loved drawing birds and teddy bears but mostly I loved to doodle patterns and colour them in. So In a way my scar is responsible for connecting me to my creative side. I was embarrassed about my scar for many years and used to make sure my clothes covered it. When I went on my first girly holiday abroad I had my scar on full view and it actually brought about some interesting conversations. Most people think I had surgery and I found that the more I talked about it the less bothered I was by it. I guess to sum up my experience I would say that storms come and sometimes they cause turmoil but they also pass. You always have a choice in whether you want to carry that weather with you or not. We can’t hold on to these feelings without them bursting at some point, just like the clouds have to release the rain, we have to let go. Scars tell a story and sometimes being injured or unwell gives us the time and opportunity to do something different. We learn more about ourselves and with that we are able to grow. I never would have thought that a piece of my art work would be on the wall outside the Headmasters office two years after my injury, yet there it was. I’m glad I have my scar, it’s a reminder of the start of my creative journey. Maybe without it I wouldn’t be doing all of the creative things that I love to today. In our love we really more than enough'. Michelle Roche

Gratitude and DEEP LOVE Michelle.

Michelle was a co-author in the number 1 International Bestseller - 'Smashing Through The Brick Wall'.

In her chapter Michelle shares the staggeringly extraordinary account, of her subarachnoid brain haemorrhage.

Together we completed a chapter in the final book in the trilogy series - 'Smashing Through The Stop Sign Of Life'.

In this chapter we share our traumatic forced eviction experience at the end of 2020.

What is the benefit in these experience to you?

Whilst others may not know YOUR storm, they may even give YOUR storm their name, YOU get through your storm and when you rebalance in your own being and belonging, you gain a resilience, strength and outlook that can become a shelter of comfort and strength for others.

Your pain; your rain, your storm becomes the resource refuge for others.

My scars, loss of part of my neck and year long loss of physical voice, decade long loss of spiritual, emotional and creative voice, has become a divine transmission voice for the voiceless.

Below is an example image of the EXTRAORDINARY Memory Stick album 'I Am Cathedral' (to order your POWER PACKED Truth Music Sound Bite... Visit the PRODUCTS page on this website)

NEVER lose site of your inner voice; the true INSIDE you; your soul; your spirit.

Yes, storms will come and go, they are powerful but so are YOU.

Find strength from the example of myself, Michelle and others and we would be glad to share with you our creative, life affirming and powerful gifts to strengthen you.

Contact us to discuss any of the elements of our message that resonate with you and be free to order any of our inspiring products, including powerful books, albums and creative gift packages, including a self-love subscription (see above video and visit website ).

Loving Energy Ray xxx

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