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Tune Into The Essence of YOU… BE Inspired, Create & SHARE

Inspiration in essence is the receiving of stimulation by the world and others around us. Creativity is the harnessing and enacting of that inspiration. As much as we are unique, so is the way we receive and ultimately interpret inspiration. This is for me the heart and soul of CREATIVITY.

It is key for us to share in our full creative potential through inspiration, in as many forms as we can.

“Creativity is intelligence having fun.” Albert Einstein

We must continue to open the door to creativity.

Imagine a world where all of the greatest songwriters ever, held back and overthought the release of their inspiration! You may feel - ‘I’m not a creative person’. You may think of yourself - ‘I could never write a song’. You could even possibly tell yourself - ‘I’m not very good with words’! If any of these thoughts and feelings resonate with you, believe me when I say - YOU CAN CREATE and YOU CAN ATTUNE into the essence of YOU and reFORM.

Even John lennon said once in an interview that he didn't feel he had much of a 'musical vocabulary', in comparison to others! Yet, consider the powerful reFORM creativity he was a part of...

As a human being we are purposed to create. We have many varied medium with which to create. Words and music are a powerful combination and we can gain SO much from observing, attuning to the world around us, and reflecting that through our written words. The possibilities are endless, in fact they are Infinite!

We can enrich our lives through our gratitude and humility of the inspiration that surrounds us. Visualise how much better life would be, how much better the world would be, with more creators. Picture how we can improve our society through positive words, shared in gratitude and love. Imagine bringing purpose and creativity TOGETHER for our loved ones. What a gift to OUR future generations.

Artists, gardeners, photographers, songwriters, singers, actors etc etc. Imagine a world without these and so many more creatives! YOU ARE A Creative! I wrote a song with TEN individuals once, some of whom had NEVER written song lyrics before! If you feel writing is not for you, then support those who can and are creating away from the corrupt system of 'mainstream'.

Wow! Amazing! It is our birth right to be inspired; to be inspirers; to create and to appreciate creativity.

Through a variety of platforms, we are connecting and attuning with phenomenal souls and high vibrational energy.

For example join with ‘The Frequency Alchemist’ Debra Sofia Magdalene in the recent Spotify streamed one consciousness podcast: ‘OverSoul - One Voice, We Are ONE’.

Audio podcast link BELOW

Through the ascending spirit music created by ‘OverSoul & The Architects of Passion’ we are helping you to raise your self-sovereign consciousness and you can help us to create MORE by downloading, streaming and sharing.

If you would like to support us then visit where you can find all of the links to DOWNLOAD/STREAM the powerful album ‘Stop The Earth From Weeping’.

7 songs for self and social reFORM.

If you’d like to reach out to share a brief up to one minute voicenote in a future Spotify streamed podcast then please use the link below or you can email us:

Finally, if you desire a JAM PACKED USB key album, to elevate your energy; to attune your essence and to power up your high vibration ( btw it's not at all a ‘melancholy’ album), then visit to order the EXTRAORDINARY album ‘I Am Cathedral’.

This Music is transformational; this album will raise your vibration!

My goodness me the album is called ‘I Am Cathedral’! That is not pussyfooting around with who WE are!

Because YOU are cathedral; I Am cathedral and together WE are cathedral!

Order your power filled truth music album with 12 tracks of phenomenal energy from

Attune to the TRUE essence of YOU. Connect with us in reFORM and NON CONform. TOGETHER, ONE VOICE, WE ARE ONE.

Loving Energy,

Ray xxx

'OverSoul & The Architects of Passion'.

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