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Union of OUR Creative Souls

We are ONE!

A bold powerful statement to kick off with.

Let's add some powerful music to support this statement... click on the video below and celebrate our connection 'TOGETHER'.

Union and unity how would you describe it? It is difficult to put an exact definition on the oneness that exists and that we can experience.

Do you ever get that sense, that feeling, when you think of someone and the next moment they contact you or vice versa. It is incredible that we can sense the deepest of connections without us.

In 2020 we have certainly experienced enforced distancing. However, we have also had the opportunity to connect with ourselves more; to connect with various family members more (E.g. working from home or homeschooling). Additionally, there has been the opportunity to connect virtually with others all over the world. This is an experience that has really increased for me. The connections I have made globally, have led to nothing short of what can be described only as miraculous! In my website blog today, I share with you one such example.

This example though, is not solitary and is certainly not an end...

Hopefully, you have already taken a look and listen to 'Walk in love' (the link above, no rhyme intended lol). This song that was written by myself and RaeAnn Gardner. The story behind this song is as follows:

Ray Coates and RaeAnn Gardner met at the end of 2019 online, through a mutual passion for changing lives and making a difference in the world.

At the time RaeAnn was going through a 'dark' period and was unable to connect fully with anyone. When the time was right and RaeAnn was on a her healing journey, Ray and her connected and started to share their passions with each other to make a difference. They connected through their love of music, the joy of writting, their cancer journeys, and the importance of 'Making Memories'.

Through this new found friendship, magic began to happen as the two of them found a common ground through a text message RaeAnn sent and a song was born! Since that moment, Ray and RaeAnn have written lyrics to several songs that have made their way into the recording studio. They were excited to share 'Walk in Love' with all of you in its premiere on December 1, 2020, at 10am PST through the "Tour of Love" giving marathon. 'Walk in Love' is an anthem about hope, healing, and most of all LOVE.

Our creative connection will continue. In the track I share below 'This Heartbeat' (taken from my album 'Garden of Life'), I share with you OUR connection. The key is to 'open up your heart', as I open mine.

Here and beyond I open up our creative union. Join me to day LIVE @ 3pm GMT on my FaceBook business page >>

'Be Creatively FREE With Me @ THREE' where TOGETHER, WE will write a song on the spot! We began last week with the subject of 'Peace' and we will expand today into UNITY.

See you at 3 and let us continue to unite in creativity.

Loves energy to our creative union,

Ray xxx

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