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Universally YOU

2020 has been a definitive year for many. How has it been for YOU? What has 2020 been like for you. What lessons have you learnt? How have you used the additional time you may have had?

Sometimes circumstances, particularly when dramatic, can give us a fresh perspective on our place in life; our place in the order of things; our place in the UNIVERSE.

Let me explain further, because this thought has YOU front and centre!

2020 has taught me several things and defined even more MY place and purpose in our universe.

Here is my top 3 lessons learnt (I’d love to know YOURS...)

  1. Patience

  2. Perspective

  3. Purpose (a greater definition).

In fact the above list is about the same as I gained from my throat cancer journey in 2008. Wow! Life experience teaches us SO much.

There are things I’ve not been able to do this year. Live performances (including an album launch and an empowerment convention public speaking event). As a result, I’ve had to patiently wait. There is no doubt you have had to be patient about certain things this year too.

In 2008 I lost the ability to speak for a year, I definitely had to be PATIENT.

In this year, I’ve been mindful of the circumstances of others eg parents homeschooling; people losing jobs; loved ones not seeing elderly relatives and I could think of many more. This has given me PERSPECTIVE. In 2008, when undergoing radiation treatment everyday for 6 weeks, I recall there being a young teenage girl going through radiation treatment at the same time. Perspective? I’d lived 43 years to that point, she had lived considerably less. Sometimes the circumstances of others help us to put into perspective our own.

You are universally YOU and I am universally me. This year has taught me even more about my PURPOSE and here it is:

To inspire others to find their own unique voice by connecting through creativity.

In 2008 throat cancer taught me the power of my voice and the voice of others. It taught me to connect and create more and help others do the same (it took me over a decade to reach that point).

What is your place in our universe? How will you shift your passion into your purpose? Well I would like to offer you a way, a place where you can pick up inspiration... are you ready to develop patience, perspective and purpose even more within yourself? You can pick up in your hand, an incredibly strengthening work of inspiration!

Here it is and YOU can have and hold your own copy of co-authored book ‘Smashing Through the Glass Ceiling’. Join me and 13 authors (including compiler Rebecca Adams), as we reveal strengthening, hope filled and inspirational chapters of our lives.

Why? What do we hope to achieve by sharing these detailed and at times deep shadow episodes of our lives? To inspire YOU to more, to help YOU find the strength of universally YOU; to elevate YOU; to help YOU improve in patience, perspective and finding YOUR purpose.

YOU are beautifully, universally YOU.

Order YOUR paperback ‘Smashing Through the Glass Ceiling’, from me one of the co-authors NOW for £15 (includes p&p). I will personally sign your copy and write you a personalised, inspirational message.

Order through the link below.

Keep being universally YOU and continue to connect in finding your own unique voice, through our inspiration and creativity!

YOU are NOT alone! You will overcome circumstances and situations you face. Holding in your hand and reading ‘Smashing Through the Glass Ceiling’ will help you SMASH through your own glass ceiling!

Loves Energy in YOUR journey,

Ray xxx

© ℗ All rights reserved

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