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Wake Up & BE The Coffee (Other Morning Drinks Are Available LOL ;)).

How is it possible to wake up EVERY DAY and feel MORE LOVE?

Simple answer - do what you love, also do EVERYTHING WITH love.

Being creative is among the greatest ways of awakening your higher self IN love.

Do you need special talent to be creative, is it a cup for the chosen few?

Short answer - NO!

Tall answer from Mr John Cleese ;):

“Creativity is not the possession of some special talent, it’s about the willingness to play”.

Would you like to come out and play?..

Before you answer, let me share messages from those who came out to play, in creative love… WOW!

‘The song writing for me was such a joy to be able to tap into my souls wish .

To have Ray to guide me on creating such a inspiration song that comes from my heart .

It was a very uplifting experience and it made me realise I could create something that I never knew was possible’.

Susan Anne Lynn

‘The one wearing many hats, from ideas to music, to organisation, to production and publishing - Ray who has been pouring all the love, heart and soul in providing opportunities for all of us that took part…

It has been unforgettable experience to say the least, I'm sure we can all agree on is not just a song...This is the story of our journey in musical form. This is Our Connection’.

Sandi Tju

‘I reached out to Ray to help me create "Smile And Get Your Heart Started". Ray Coates , was so gracious and kind! We created a beautiful song. Ray included the song on his album “Garden Of Love (Connecting IN Creativity)”......Each of the songs have their own character, beauty, fun, and great messages! Such a joy to have a part in it”.

Kulleen Hatcher

‘This was one of the most amazing experiences I have had writing lyrics. The flow was so easy and the story of our journey was truly magic’.

RaeAnn Gardner

‘It was a truly incredible opportunity that you gave to others during a time of isolation and uncertainty… you brought people together and opened up their creative abilities and gave them confidence and encouragement to explore their inner feelings… you then went on to record their creations and made their songs available to everyone… you made us all co songwriters on an album that was released on all download platforms and a CD… an astonishing accomplishment… you are an incredible being Ray’.

Michelle Roche

‘This collaboration has been life-changing - I never imagined being involved in music, I cannot sing on key if my life depended on it LOL! When the opportunity came I stepped forward, not sure where the journey would take me and I am so grateful that I did. Our Connection as a song title is so much more, it is a deep connection with amazing connected soul friends. I love each one of you so much, thank you for being a part of my life’.

Michele Noordhof

‘It was truly an unforgettable experience, to come together as one to create such a musical masterpiece!!! The entire CD is full of everyone’s heart & soul. Thank you Ray, without you none of this would’ve been possible’.

Sherry McQueen

How beautiful to collaborate in creative purpose with so many 🙏 so that’s some of the AMAZING feedback from those who have Connected INSIDE Creativity! Now, let me explain the process to awaken and arouse your creative intrigue even MORE…

Life is creative not competitive. It’s amazing what can be formed when we come together IN creative love. Awaken your SELF inside creative writing.

We are all MORE than one dimension…

It’s time to release inhibition - fill the airwaves with the sound vibration of YOU, wake Up and don’t just smell the coffee but BE The Coffee

Awaken & Connect INSIDE Creativity.

Open up your creative potential and come inside this brand new 4 month subscription process - ‘Awaken & Connect INSIDE Creativity’!

‘Awaken & Connect INSIDE Creativity’ will begin on Monday 4th April 2022!

The door is open to YOU NOW. This is your chance to take up this life changing creative opportunity.

Awaken & Connect INSIDE Creativity 2022 is:




Each month for a process of 4 months you will receive the following:


💜Week 2 Inbox open 24/7


✍️Week 4 1:1 Video Call

Write YOUR legacy SONG and I’ll support you every step of the way ✍️💜🎶

All of the above and MORE for ONLY £18.99 per month!

Visit the services page of this website, scroll down and click on the subscribe now button and prepare for Monday April 4th 2022 for a FOUR Month process of AWAKENING YOUR Creative LEGACY.

Loving Energy Always,

Ray xxx

Ps If you have any questions or would like to jump on a 1:1 video call to discuss further, visit the CONTACT page on this website…

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