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Walking Mindfully Through OUR ‘Garden of Life’

No doubt you have experienced, during your life, times of hustle and bustle! Life can be extremely busy, with a young family, work responsibilities and many other aspects. Whilst being busy, within itself it’s not a bad thing, it can at times be a challenge to pause, to be present in the moment. Is that your experience at times? To be fair, it is the experience of most of us are live on planet Earth! Therefore, we need to practice mindfulness. Why? Basically, because it is so good for us!

I have practised mindfulness for around 10 years. Why do I say practised? partly because it requires time and effort and truthfully, because I still haven’t perfected it yet! Around 10 years ago a year or two after I had experienced throat cancer and the intense surgery and brutal radiation treatment is received to eliminate the cancer, I attended a cancer retreat in Bristol. The Penny Bron centre was and is an incredible place, from my point of you and I’m sure others, it genuinely felt like a sanctuary. At this location, the healthcare professionals there treated cancer patients holistically. It was here, at the Penny Brohn centre that I experienced my first mindful walk. Little did I know, what a profound effect it would have on me and 10 years later I still practice some of the things that I learnt at the centre.

As we walk daily through our garden of life appreciation and gratitude for the beautiful things that surround us, trees leaves, air, birdsong, a baby laughing, good food, physical ability, love and compassion, need to be considered with more intention. Some experts say we breathe between around 900 to just over 2,000 times a day.

I include myself in this thought provoking question - how many of those individual breaths do I REALLY appreciate! Breathe into gratitude.

Here in this moment I share my heartfelt, mindful, life intention and appreciative message through 2 songs taken from the album ‘Garden of Life’.

‘This Heartbeat’ is the 2nd track off the album ‘Garden of Life’. Just breathe.

‘Feel Loves Energy’ is the 3rd track from the album ‘Garden of Life’. (Click on the link below)...

Take a pause. Listen to the sounds around you. Focus on loving positive energy, draw upon the many sources through which you can find it. My offer to you is to share with me in my inspirational and creative gifts, as we share together in abundance. All that I give is given mindfully. From my uniquely written DNA signature songs, through to my online songwriting program ‘Songwriting- Writing YOUR Unique DNA Songs’. ( visit product page ).

Let’s continue to breathe in gratitude and breathe out love as we mindfully walk through OUR ‘Garden of Life’.


Ray xx

’Garden of Life’ the CD album can be ordered from product page >>

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