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WE Are MORE Than Existence

We are meant for more than fighting to survive!

We are at worst meant to battle to thrive.

Questions arise, such as -

Why are we born?

Why are we alive?

Are we meant purely for existence?

Of course not, we are a living and breathing miracle. YOU are meant for far MORE than existence. YOU are made from the essence of divine light. It’s time to end the devalued mindset of social conditioning!

Yes, we are ‘flawesome’ * but in our awakening reality we can become MORE.

You are not just part of something, you are part of EVERYTHING! You are vastly MORE than insignificant, you are IMMENSELY significant.

We are not here to cower in the shadows; we are not here to perpetuate and recycle darkness. We are here to shine and it’s time to let YOUR light shine.

We even find, in every day language, phrases like: ‘what about the little man’?

There is NO big and small, there is ALL.

How can YOU amplify YOUR meaning? One way is by filling your senses, particularly your auditory ability, your hearing, with glorious sonic messages of self-worth and value. Our ears are bombarded and abused everyday by messages of lack and less.


Amplify your freedom,

Bass line your true soul meaning.

Chord progression your minds reality.

Drum percussion awakened dreaming.

This is the beginning of your sound vibration alphabet…

This year of 2022, is the year of creativity.

Remember to create the sound of YOUR legacy.

Remember to Connect INSIDE Creativity ™… full awakening revealed soon (watch out here and in social media and get ready to create your awakened, sonic legacy).

On March 20th 2022 we will open up an incredible legacy opportunity for YOU, meantime invest in your ears and order the extraordinary soundtrack of change. Order the truth music and social change album ‘I Am Cathedral’ don’t B-less YOU, BE MORE YOU, be your very OWN TEMPLE! (Visit Products page of this website to order this phenomenally powerful album NOW).

Join as one with OverSoul in a LIVE YouTube message this evening Monday March 7th 2022 @ 6:30pm (uk time) and we will be celebrating the miraculous significance of YOU.

*Gratitude to Michelle Roche & the Late GREAT David Holden (‘The Man’)

for the term ‘flawesome’ and immense gratitude for Michelle’s power behind the creative throne of ‘OverSoul & The Architects of Passion’.

Ray xxx

‘OverSoul & The Architects of Passion’.

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