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What price would you pay to protect your voice? Some professional singers have their voices insured for CONSIDERABLE amounts of money! Some sports stars insure various parts of their body, for ENORMOUS sums of money. What value would you place on your own unique voice?

Our voice is one of those things in life it is very easy to take for granted. This can be due to the fact it’s easy, at times, to forget the precious value of it. Our voice is US.

We only have one voice! How do you want to use yours?

I’m sure you have heard many people say they 'do not like the sound of their own voice'. Have you said that yourself? I know in the past I’ve said it to myself. Perhaps you have felt or said of yourself that you cannot sing. Having worked for many years with various vocal coaches, I’ve picked up the often used phrase: ‘if you can speak, then you can sing’.

Whilst the purpose of this blog is not to provide vocal coaching, I find myself giving regular encouragement to individuals to use their voice more fully. Why? Because of a deeper understanding on my part, of the value and worth of our unique voice. Having lost the ability to speak, for an entire year in 2008, believe me when I say I have a DEEP understanding of the value of the voice. This appreciation has led to me; formed me; and guided me, to not only value my own voice but to value and thereby hold on high the voice of others.

YOUR voice can be used in so many ways. Whilst you may not choose to sing or publicly speak at events, I know, through personal experience and the writing service I have provided for others, that I can amplify YOUR voice. The world needs to hear YOU and through my writing, I can help to convey YOUR message.

What price would you pay to protect your voice? How valuable is your own unique voice and the message you wish to convey?

Continue to share your one voice; your unique voice; it is precious, priceless and deserves to be heard and loved. Use your voice in as many ways as you can, to share positive energy connections, for yourself and others.


Ray xxx

Ps Consider examples contained in these 2 videos of what WE can achieve TOGETHER!

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