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YOUR Voice Needs to be Heard

Updated: Dec 6, 2021

How does your voice feel?

When we think of the voice, we may tend to think purely of our physical voice but of course, we have also our emotional and spiritual voice. Therefore, let me ask again - how does your voice feel?

Through experience and working with others to open and release their potential, I have come to see even more clearly, that our creative voice NEEDS to be heard. Do you feel heard?

Well, I have a couple of things to offer you today, offerings to amplify YOUR VOICE and the voices of others…

Before you consider these opportunities, consider what can be achieved by connecting INSIDE Creativity...

For additional vocal power and encouragement, take a look at this weeks YouTube Vlog ‘Diary of a Songwriter- Let’s Connect’ and you will see and hear, I refer to 2 places your creative voice can be heard… (LINK BELOW).

1. In the creative songwriting, subscription based process ‘Connect INSIDE Creativity’ (I’m just completing the first 4 month process with individuals and the creative results are PHENOMENAL). Don't take my word for it... here are a couple of testimonials from those who have EXPERIENCED 'Connect INSIDE Creativity':

‘I really am so incredibly grateful for the opportunity to Connect inside Creativity with Ray. He has given me so much encouragement and support to believe in my creativity, within songwriting.

His approach to coaching and mentoring is wonderful. There is no pressure. I'm looking forward to creating my song, with the help of Ray’s expertise’.

‘It has been an amazing journey to Connect In Creativity, to learn how to create my song from beginning to end. Ray offered a lot of golden nuggets, tips and tricks how to approach things. Ray knows how to trigger the inspiration to start flowing. Always enjoyed the 1-1 sessions, always amazed to see how much the song has grown. Loved how Ray is always so encouraging and reassuring throughout the whole process’.

'When I was asked by Ray Coates if I wanted to create my own song complete with my lyrics, my musical input, I couldn't say "yes" emphatically enough. What Ray Coates has shared with me, has enabled me to have the opportunity of creating, is quite honestly life changing!

Ray has made himself available every step of the way during this journey of the last 4 months, to guide, mentor, inspire, and encourage me in the process, and the result is a song that I have written, that I have created the musical 'bones' of, and that I will be proud to sing, and to hear sung always. We all have a unique and creative ability inside of us, but what we don't all have, is someone to help us to find and extract that unique and creative ability. Ray Coates IS that someone, that person with the gift that can, and does, you will be amazed.

I can promise that when you do take up this opportunity with both hands, it will open up your life and your world like you never dreamed was possible. I'm living proof of that being the case'.

I will be enrolling soon for a new creative 4 month process! I would love to welcome you inside… for ONLY 4 monthly payments of £18.99. I will utilise my 40 years of songwriting experience to guide you to write your own song.

2. At the conclusion of this weeks YouTube Vlog (LINK ABOVE), I share details on the fact that I’m looking for support with a music project, that has the potential to help many people who are struggling with life, especially those on the streets, without a place to call home. You can help to raise awareness, through the sound of music and YOUR VOICE. There will be the release of a truth music album for social change, early next year and I would love to include YOUR voice! Take a look at the video snippet at the end of this weeks YouTube Vlog, it’s as simple as three little words, 'See, Hear and Speak. CONTACT me and I’ll share the full song with you and explain HOW you can share YOUR VOICE.

I am SO grateful for your voice!

YOUR voice needs to be heard.


Loving Energy Always,

Ray xxx

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